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Bylaws of the Biomarkers of Acute Cardiovascular Diseases

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Biomarkers of Acute Cardiovasular Disease Division (hereafter referred to as Division) of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, Inc. (hereafter referred to as AACC).

Article II. Purpose and Goal

Section 1. The Purpose of the Division will be to further and promote the professional and public interest by communicating and improving the practice of clinical laboratory sciences, especially as it relates to laboratory tests that are used for the diagnosis of acute cardiovascular diseases such as acute coronary syndromes and heart failure.

Section 2. The Goal of the Division will be to advance the Goals of the AACC. Specifically, these may include, but not be limited to:

  • Advance Science and Technology
  • Advance the Profession
  • Advance Clinical Science
  • Advance Laboratory Pratice
  • Advance the Global Rule

Section 3. The Goals of the Division may be accomplished by a variety of activities such as, but not limited to:

  • Education: The Division may offer on site workshops, seminars and symposia as well as Internet-based programs.
  • Communications: The Division may disseminate information using print and electronic media and in-person communications at forums and meetings.
  • Publications: The Division may promote and sponsor scientific and research papers, monographs, newsletters, and other written communications.
  • Research: The Division may encourage research in areas of clinical laboratory sciences.
  • Collaboration: The Division may work in collaboration with regulatory agencies, standards-setting bodies and organizations, and other professional societies in pursuit of common interests.
  • Recognition and Awards: The Division may recognize service and contributions to the profession in its scientific specialty. It is anticipated that each year, the Division will award a Best Abstract Award among those submitted to the AACC Annual Meeting.

Article III. Membership

Section 1. Membership in the Division shall be open to all members in good standing of the AACC who pay the annual dues established by the Division.

Section 2. Privileges of membership in the Division shall be established by the Executive Committee of the Division, and may include but are not limited to: reduced registration fees at selected Division events or activities.

Section 3. Only Division Members in good standing may hold Division committee office for either elected or appointed offices. Only Division Members may represent the Division in professional matters.

Section 4. Any Division Member may resign from the Division by so indicating in writing to the Secretary of the Division. Lapse of membership in AACC will be considered as resignation from the Division. No refund of Division dues, if any, shall be forthcoming upon resignation from the Division.

Artcle IV. Membership

Section 1. Officers of the Division shall be Full or Emeritus Members in good standing of AACC and of the Division.

Section 2. The Officers of the Division shall be the Chair, Chair-Elect, Past-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Only Officers of the Division, or their Delegates, may represent the Division in official capacities

Section 3. The terms of office shall be two (2) years for each officer. Terms of office are by calendar year, January 1 – December 31. No officer may be elected to the same position for more than two (2) consecutive terms. The Past-Chair may not serve as Chair-Elect or Chair until two (2) years have elapsed since serving as Past Chair.

Section 4. The Secretary and Treasurer will be elected on alternate years. The Chair-elect will be elected annually, and will then serve successive two (2) year terms as Chair and Past-Chair.

Section 5. Elections will be by secret ballot of the Division membership at large. Elections may be conducted by mail or by electronic or other means at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Ties will be resolved by mechanisms to be defined at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the Division. Elections should be conducted so that Officers are elected and results announced by December 1 of each year. Section 6. Duties of Officers shall be those generally associated with these titles and shall include but not be limited to the following:


  1. Coordinate Division activities in pursuit of the Purpose and Goals of the Division
  2. Preside at meetings of the Executive Committee
  3. Organize Division Business Meeting
  4. Prepare reports to Divisions Management Group or other governing bodies of AACC, as needed and requested

Chair Elect:

  1. Preside at Executive Committee in the absence of the Chair
  2. Succeed to the position of Chair in the event the Chair does not complete the term of office.


  1. Serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee
  2. Assist the Chair as requested.


  1. Keep minutes of all Business Meetings and Executive Committee meetings of the Division and submit to the Executive Committee for approval.
  2. Publish approved minutes to the Membership
  3. Carry out such correspondence of the Division as required.

Other Officers:

  1. may appoint other officers or committee members as may prove necessary. Each such appointed person shall report to the Executive Committee and shall continue until such appointment is terminated by the Executive Committee.

Section 7. Removal of Officers. Any Division Officer who is negligent in fulfilling his or her duties as described in these By-Laws, and is given a no-confidence vote by a majority of the other Officers of the Executive Committee shall be removed from office. Any Division Officer may also resign his/her position as Officer. In either case, the vacancy for the unfulfilled term of office, if any, shall be filled at the next regularly scheduled elections of the Division. In the interim, the Chair may appoint a temporary Officer subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. In the event that the Chair is so removed from office, the Chair-Elect shall fill the unfulfilled term of the Chair and shall then complete his/her own term of office as Chair.

Article V. Committee

Section 1. Executive Committee

  1. There shall be an Executive Committee of the Division.
  2. The Executive Committee is empowered to manage the affairs and the assets of the Division pursuant to these By-Laws.
  3. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Past-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Division. The Executive Committee, by majority vote, may create other non-voting positions that may attend and report to the Executive Committee.
  4. The Chair of the Division shall serve as Chair of the Executive Committee.
  5. The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice per year, one of which meetings shall be at the AACC Annual Meeting. Meetings may be held by conference call. Meetings may be called by direction of the Chair, or by a majority of the Executive Committee calling for a meeting.

Section 2. Nominating Committee

  1. There shall be a Nominating Committee of the Division.
  2. The Past-Chair of the Division shall serve as the Chair of the Nominating Committee. In the event that the Past-Chair can not fulfill this duty, the Chair may designate a Nominating Committee Chair Pro Tem with the approval of the Executive Committee.
  3. There will be 4 elected Members of the Nominating Committee. Two Nominating Committee members shall be elected in alternate years to two-year terms by the Division Membership at large.
  4. The Nominating Committee may not nominate its own members for Division offices except in exceptional circumstances as described in the AACC Policies and Procedures Manual.

Section 3. Other Committees

  1. The Executive Committee may appoint such other committees or task forces, including chairs and members, as may prove necessary. Each of these committees or task forces shall report to the Executive Committee and shall continue until dissolved by the Executive Committee.
  2. It is recommended that the Division establish the following:
    1. Programming Committee
    2. Newsletter Committee
    3. Education Committee
    4. Long Range Planning Committee

Article VI. Finances

Section 1. The fiscal year of the Division shall correspond to the calendar year, January 1 – December 31.

Section 2. Division Members shall pay annual dues, the amount of which shall be determined by the Executive Committee of the Division in accordance with the AACC Policies and Procedures.

Section 3. The Division has no assets owned separately from AACC and all assets are deemed to belong to AACC.

Article VII. Meetings

Section 1. An annual Business Meeting for the Division general membership may be held at the AACC Annual Meeting each year. Business requiring vote of the membership shall be conducted at this meeting, except as provided elsewhere in these By-Laws. When needed, and by approval of the Executive Committee, voting by the membership may be conducted by mail or by electronic or other means. Such voting may be conducted either together with or separate from election balloting for Division officers.

Section 2. The Executive Committee may call special meetings of the Division membership, if notice is given to the membership in writing or by publication in the Division Newsletter, at least eight (8) weeks in advance. The specific nature of the business to be conducted is to be made public in advance of the meeting, and the outcomes or decisions made at that meeting shall be disseminated to the membership.

Section 3. Fifteen (15) percent of the Members of the Division shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business at a meeting of the general membership.

Article VIII. Governance

Section 1. These By-Laws are enacted by approval of the AACC’s Divisions Management Group (“DMG”) and then by majority vote of the general membership of the Division. Any changes to these By-Laws must be approved first by AACC’s DMG and then by a majority vote of the general membership of the Division per the provisions for conducting an election of Division officers, and in accordance with DMG Policies for 2/3 majority approval with at least 25 eligible ballots cast.

  1. The proposed Bylaws or changes to Bylaws must note a date of effectivity. This may be the same as the date of voter approval if so noted.

Section 2. If any element of these By-Laws is found to be in conflict with the Policies and Procedures Manual of AACC’s Divisions Management Group (“DMG”), then the Policies and Procedures Manual of AACC’s DMG shall take precedence.

Section 3. If any element of these By-Laws or of the DMG Policies and Procedures Manual is found to be in conflict with the Policies and Procedures of AACC, then the Policies and Procedures of AACC shall take precedence.

Section 4. Dissolution. The division may dissolve or merge with another division upon polling the entire division membership and receiving approval by 2/3rds of the ballots cast with at least 25 validated ballots.

Approved: [enter date of affectivity or approval of these By-Laws by the membership]