IEM: Inborn Error of Metabolism

An AACC member asked what role labs can play in screening neonates for genetic metabolic disorders given that no structured national policy for this exists. Some members agreed that there are worrying gaps in state-to-state newborn screening (NBS), while others including AACC President Dr. Michael Bennett countered that NBS in the U.S. is actually very comprehensive and that AACC is working to continue its advancement.


Master the Fundamentals of Molecular Pathology

Increase your knowledge of the diagnostic applications of molecular pathology with this AACC certificate program. Subject areas covered include infectious diseases, bioinformatics, and molecular genetics. Credits: 11 ACCENT


Early Diagnosis of Biliary Atresia

This podcast from AACC’s Clinical Chemistry journal discusses the limitations of current methods for diagnosing biliary atresia, as well as new research that could help to identify this disease in time for infants to undergo surgical intervention.


Lab Tests Online

AACC’s labtestsonline.org helps patients better understand the many clinical laboratory tests that play a critical role in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating a broad range of conditions, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and infectious diseases. Lab Tests Online content is peer-reviewed and is available in 13 languages through 16 sites around the globe.


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AACC Learning Lab is designed to help laboratory medicine experts expand their knowledge. Developed in collaboration with NEJM Group and Area9 Learning, this program uses revolutionary adaptive technology to deliver precisely the gold standard lab medicine content the learner needs.

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