CE/CME Credits at the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting

If you attended the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting this year, you can go to www.aacc.org/AMcredits to obtain your CE/CME credits and certificate of attendance.


Roche Vitamin D Interpretive/Reference Ranges

An AACC member’s lab is moving from LC-MS/MS to the Roche vitamin D assay and has found that the reference ranges are not transferring easily to the new method. Other members have responded that they experience D2 under-recovery with the Roche assay and still use an LC-MS/MS based assay in addition to it to deal with this issue.


Is There a Troponin for the Kidneys?

A number of candidate biomarkers for acute kidney injury (AKI) have emerged that could improve on the standard test for detecting AKI—a rise in serum creatinine—which only gives a diagnosis after at least 33% of kidney function has already been lost.

Latest News & Updates

Charting the Course of Immunosuppressive TDM

Current techniques for TDM in post-transplant patients receiving immunosuppressive drugs lack standardization. To address this problem, researchers at Karolinska University used an LC-MS/MS method to simultaneously analyze immunosuppressive drugs as part of their TDM service.


Lab Tests Online

AACC’s labtestsonline.org helps patients better understand the many clinical laboratory tests that play a critical role in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating a broad range of conditions, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and infectious diseases. Lab Tests Online content is peer-reviewed and is available in 14 languages through 17 sites around the globe.


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