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Analyzing Opioid Misuse

Researchers question the benefits of widely prescribing opioids for chronic pain, given the potentially detrimental consequences.


Hematology Division?

An AACC member asked whether other members would be interested in forming a hematology division. Even though classical hematology (such as morphology) may feel foreign to laboratorians, other aspects of the field such as coagulation, hemoglobinopathies, and flow cytometry align closely with clinical chemistry.

The response so far has been enthusiastic. Fourteen members have replied that they like the idea, agreeing that there is a notable overlap between hematology and laboratory medicine.


Acute Kidney Injury Biomarkers: Clinical and Analytical Perspectives

Whether caused by sepsis, surgery, cardiogenic shock, trauma, or drugs, the onset of acute kidney injury (AKI) can be swift and often deadly. This free AACC event examines how recently cleared biomarkers can be used to detect AKI early enough to prevent serious and long-term organ damage.

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Connect With Your Laboratory Medicine Colleagues

AACC Artery is an online community where AACC members can engage with each other to find answers to questions, share knowledge, and refine ideas about scientific practice and research issues, lab management, and career advancement.


AACC’s Lab Tests Online is the premier online patient resource on lab testing. Developed in collaboration with 16 other laboratory associations, Lab Tests Online effectively educates patients and their loved ones about their lab tests. At the same time, the peer-reviewed site teaches users about the critical role that laboratory testing plays in the practice of medicine. The site is used regularly by laboratorians, physicians, and other medical professionals who need to quickly confirm their understanding of a test or who seek help in talking about testing with their patients. Lab Tests Online has been translated and adapted by 16 partner sites around the globe.

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