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Rapid Whole-Genome Sequencing for Infants

Rapid whole-genome sequencing helped to diagnose a genetic disease in more than half of 35 critically ill infants tested at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, whereas standard genetic tests identified just 9% of cases.


Laboratory Errors Article From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

An AACC member asked for other members’ thoughts on a provocative investigative report recently published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on lab errors that cause patient harm.

Another AACC member replied that everyone wants the practice of medicine to be free of errors but that no sane person would say that has been achieved—and it likely never will be.


Supporting Pediatric Lipid Screening Recommendations

Overall rates of pediatric lipid screening are only about 3%, even for children meeting targeted screening criteria. AACC member Shannon Haymond, PhD, presents suggestions for ways that laboratorians can dialogue with pediatric providers and to help mitigate some of the challenges they face in implementing pediatric screening recommendations.


Connect With Your Laboratory Medicine Colleagues

AACC Artery is an online community where AACC members can engage with each other to find answers to questions, share knowledge, and refine ideas about scientific practice and research issues, lab management, and career advancement.


AACC’s Lab Tests Online is the premier online patient resource on lab testing. Developed in collaboration with 16 other laboratory associations, Lab Tests Online effectively educates patients and their loved ones about their lab tests. At the same time, the peer-reviewed site teaches users about the critical role that laboratory testing plays in the practice of medicine. The site is used regularly by laboratorians, physicians, and other medical professionals who need to quickly confirm their understanding of a test or who seek help in talking about testing with their patients. Lab Tests Online has been translated and adapted by 16 partner sites around the globe.

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