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Roche Vitamin D interpretive/reference ranges

We are moving from LCMS to the Roche and I'm not comfortable that the references ranges are transferring very easily to the new method. Would members using the Roche Vitamin D assay mind sharing their interpretative/reference ranges? What are yours?

COM.04250 Comparability of Instruments/Methods Phase II

If the laboratory uses more than one non-waived instrument/method to test for a given analyte, the instruments/methods are checked against each other at least twice a year for comparability of results. I would like to conduct a survey of what members are using as criteria to determine acceptability of results when comparing instrument/methods within CLIA bi annually. Share your criteria

Impact of PAMA?

I'm hearing many concerns from our business admin on PAMA. Anyone else prepared for the impact PAMA will have on our practice? Contribute to the discussion


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AACC Molecule June 2016

This molecule was recently identified as a noteworthy cause of death. Can you guess what it is? (Answer next month – and more clues during the month on the AACC Artery)

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