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Specific Gravity

On urinalysis if your Specific Gravity is >1.040 what do you do? Dilute and report no matter how high? Report as >1.040? Do you check to see if the patient has received contrast and if so report as Unable to report due to interference? What documentation did you use to set your protocol?

Linearity Check for body fluid tests

I would like to know how to check the AMR for body fluid tests (which required by CAP to do every 6 months). I will implement the tests on AU 5800. Reply online.

Whole blood vs plasma sodium

We are using Vitros from ortho for measuring plasma sodium which is using direct ISE. We received a complaint from our physicians about our sodium results compared to blood gas instrument Gem premier 4000 which is using whole blood, our results are higher than the blood gas one. Is there any documented explanation of that? There is a lot of research done to compare blood gas machines to core lab chemistry, but most of them are using indirect ISE. I need to prove that theses results from the two machines are not exchangeable especially because they are using different type of specimen. Reply online