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POL Medicare Audit and the Lab

I am the (part-time) Lab Director for a physician's office that conducts urine drug screens as part of their pain management practice. The POL was informed that they have an upcoming Medicare audit and it was suggested by a consultant that " visit notes setting forth the medical necessity of the screening, the requisition order, the lab results (which hopefully show the instrument assisted component)..." be made available. Are there any lab-specific preparations that I should consider in preparation for the audit of the practice?

Preparing for MT (ASCP) Certification

I am preparing to give the certification exam for MT (ASCP). I would like to get some tips and suggestions on how to prepare for the exam. Share your suggestions.

Should we say PCOS or hyperprolactenemia?

Here is the case of amenorrhea for 2 months: TSH 2.9 micIU/ml, FT4 13.6pmol/l, FT3 6.15pmol/l, estrogen 216.22pg/ml, progesterone 2.9ng/ml, FSH 7.38mIU/ml, LH 91.7mIU/ml, prolactin 19.7 ng/ml, testosterone 45.9ng/ml. Please share your views

Molecule of the Month

This combination of pharmaceutical molecules is considered a treatment breakthrough for a well-known clinical disease. Can you guess both of them correctly?

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