On September 10th and 17th, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) held its virtual 2021 Tech Forum. The conference featured a range of talks and panels on the current state of health IT and the promising advances made over the last year, as well as discussions on how the healthcare community can continue to tackle challenges and improve health technology. This year, several notable sessions focused on the need to improve the interoperability of data generated by laboratories and learning health systems. According to the presenters, reaching this objective is critical to appropriately utilizing health data to improve patient care. AACC’s strategic plan identifies this concept as a key objective of the association. To that end, the association recently released a position statement outlining policy changes that would help make this concept a reality. AACC is continuing to expand initiatives to advance this field in collaboration with its allies in the healthcare community, and exciting new achievements are expected to result over the coming years.