AACC membership conveys so many valuable benefits, and there’s no better time than the start of the new year to join or renew and take full advantage of these offerings throughout 2016. Join informed and engaged members like Christopher McCudden, PhD, DABCC, FACB, FCACB, in developing your practice and in making career-sustaining connections.

“I trained in a program that has a culture of participation in professional activities and was encouraged to get involved,” McCudden told CLN Stat. “My involvement has resulted in many experiences and opportunities that I could not have anticipated.” 

AACC’s extensive catalogue of learning resources keeps members on top of emerging science and best practices. That’s what drew Joseph W. Pobee, MS, CHES, to AACC. “I joined because of the free as well as paid educational programs offered in the varying disciplines,” he told CLN Stat. “Originally I joined because of the Point-of-Care Specialist Certificate Program. The value it gives professionally is knowledge. It’s a great resource for anyone in the lab field.” 

AACC also offers many ways to connect with colleagues worldwide, further your career development, solve practice-related questions and controversies, and establish relationships with content experts. From AACC Artery and Divisions to Local Sections and face-to-face meetings, AACC members access the brightest minds and best people in the field. Jennifer M. Colby, PhD, DABCC, is a member who finds these connections invaluable. “AACC offers great networking opportunities and a variety of resources that help me stay current with the latest research and news in clinical chemistry,” she explained to CLN Stat.

AACC takes education seriously, and so do its members. The 68th Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Philadelphia alone will feature more than 200 educational sessions. However, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Three virtual conferences and three face-to-face meetings are on tap for 2016. Every month, Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Laboratory News have a pulse on clinical laboratory-related research and developments. 2016 also will see the debut of The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine: An AACC Journal, a peer-reviewed publication intended to help lab professionals discover new adaptive solutions to patient health problems.

AACC members experience these benefits and more at discounted price, making their professional development very affordable. The inherent value of AACC membership was on Kimberly Russell’s mind when she joined.

“I had a poster that was accepted at the 2015 Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Atlanta. To register for the conference as a non-AACC member was expensive and it was almost the same price to become a member and register for the conference, so that is what I decided to do,” Russell, MBA, MLS (ASCP), SBB, told CLN Stat.

With these benefits and so many more available as part of AACC membership, why lose any time in taking advantage of them? Join or renew now.