Qiagen and Centogene are partnering to improve testing solutions for rare genetic diseases. Under the terms of their agreement, Centogene’s CentoMD rare disease variant database will be integrated into Qiagen’s bioinformatics offering, and Qiagen will serve as the exclusive global commercial distribution partner of CentoMD. This database contains more than 4.5 million clinically annotated variants from 135,000 cases with more than 115 countries of origin. Centogene, for its part, will license Qiagen’s bioinformatics solutions to support Centogene’s rare disease diagnostic testing services. “Centogene’s extensive test portfolio generates unique and global insights into the epidemiological basis of hereditary disorders and the link between genotypic and phenotypic data,” said Arndt Rolfs, MD, CEO and founder of Centogene. “Qiagen’s knowledge-based products and relationships in the clinical diagnostics and pharma/biotech markets will help streamline our reporting and extend the market reach of Centogene’s rare disease knowledge and services.”