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Clinical & Forensic Toxicology News provides practical and timely information on the clinical, forensic, technical, and regulatory issues faced by toxicology laboratories. Each issue includes articles authored by experts on new developments in clinical and forensic drug testing.

The newsletter is published online quarterly (March, June, September, and December) as an educational service of the Forensic Urine Drug Testing Accreditation Program. Cosponsored by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry and the College of American Pathologists, the program includes three components: FUDT accreditation, the FUDT proficiency testing survey, and this newsletter. Individuals also may purchase a subscription.

One hour of free ACCENT® credit is available for reading each issue. ACCENT® is for laboratory professionals who need to document continuing education to meet requirements for licensure or certification.

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Author’s last name(s), first and middle initials. (Date of Publication). Title of article. Clinical and Forensic Toxicology News (Quarterly, AACC/CAP). Available from (specific web URL of posting. Example:

Garg, U, Thornton S. June 2014. NBOMe Drugs. Clinical and Forensic Toxicology News (Quarterly, AACC/CAP). Available from

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