Speaker Resources

The 2017 Annual Meeting Organizing Committee (AMOC) is excited to offer FXP | touch as a resource for speakers and attendees at the 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting. FXP | touch is an easy to use mobile device-based audience response, polling, note taking, and analytics tool that you can use to increase engagement for attendees experiencing your presentation.

Along with innovative learning formats, this new technology will be featured in some Symposia and Short Course presentations. There will also be staff support for FXP | touch onsite in San Diego in each presentation room.

Read on to learn more about creating a presentation in FXP | touch, and to find out the important presentation deadlines and policies that speakers should keep in mind.


For Speakers

July 3:

For Short Course and Symposia Speakers - Handout PDFs due to moderators

For Brown Bag speakers - Upload handout PDFs to AACC site

For Moderators

July 6: Upload handout PDFs to AACC site

Important Social Media and Photography Change

New Opt-In Program for 2017

Everyone knows that engagement on social media has become essential for scientists. This year AACC is encouraging speakers to include the phrase CAN POST on their first slide. Including CAN POST simply indicates that attendees who are engaging on social media, such as Twitter, may use mobile photography of the speaker’s slide presentation as part of their discussion of the science. Otherwise, AACC’s policy is that photography during scientific sessions is prohibited. No flash photography of any kind will be allowed.


Creating your presentation for FXP | touch is easy. Simply create the deck as you normally would with PowerPoint or Keynote, keeping the following differences in mind:

  • Make sure presentations can be re-saved as PDFs. In order for FXP | touch to interact in real time with all attendee devices, presentations must be loaded into the system as PDFs. Therefore, please build your presentations without animations, complex transitions, or embedded videos.
  • Provide videos separately. If you would like to include videos in your presentation, please provide the source content and we will provide the equipment to seamlessly play your videos.
  • Split animated lists across multiple slides. If you have lists that you would normally build using animations, you can split your builds across multiple slides and the FXP | touch system will play them in one seamless build.


To keep participants engaged in your talk, we recommend including slides that prompt audience interaction every 5 to 7 slides.

Check out the AACC (FXP | touch) PowerPoint deck to see example slides for each of the different participant interactions available through the FXP | touch system.

To include these interactions in your presentation, simply copy and paste the sample slides into your PowerPoint and customize with your questions and information (one question per slide). We’ll do the rest.

A few additional tips and notes:

  • Be sure to place the interaction slides in the order in which you want them to appear in your presentation.
  • If you want the same interaction for multiple slides, copy and paste the sample slide and place it where you want it in your presentation.
  • There is no limit to the number of interactive slides you can use.

Helpful Resources

We're offering a few resources to help you build your presentation with FXP | touch in mind:

Training for FXP | touch

On-demand FXP | touch training: View the training or download here.

AACC Training #1 for FXP | touch
Length: 48 min
No password required.

Originally shown on Thursday, April 6

AACC Training #2 for FXP | touch
Length: 51 min 9 sec
No password required.

Originally shown on Wednesday, May 24

Additional Resources

AACC (FXP | touch) PowerPoint deck with examples of all the interactions you can use in your presentation.

A short video with helpful FXP | touch best practices for presenters.


July 3rd is the deadline for speakers to upload presentation handouts to AACC’s site. Are the handouts supposed to include all FXP | touch questions already?  

No, handouts do not need to include FXP | touch questions.

Does FXP | touch allow audience members to save the slides and jot notes down?

Yes, it does. When a session wraps up, emails will be sent to all who logged in to the FXP | touch session in the room. These emails will include slides and any notes attendees have taken. 

Furthermore, attendees will only need to enter their email addresses and names once, after which the system will automatically remember who they are from session to session and room to room. After the conference, a repository of these slides/handouts will be available in the cloud for attendees to view or download at their leisure.

Does FXP touch allow people to tweet directly from their device during the meeting?

Yes, attendees may also use their devices to tweet. Look for the event hashtag (#2017AACC) within FXP | touch to post automatically to Twitter.