American Association for Clinical Chemistry
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1999 Comment Letters

Below is a listing of AACC's most recent comment letters. If you have questions regarding AACC's positions, please contact AACC Government Affairs at (800) 892-1400.

12/09/99 AACC comments on HHS' proposed medical privacy standards
12/02/99 AACC comments to FDA on "Draft Guidane on Labeling for Laboratory Tests.
11/08/99 AACC writes to Senator William Roth objecting to proposed budgetary language specifying that SNFs should bill for Medicare for all services provided its patients.
11/02/99 AACC comments on HCFA's final rule permitting laboratories to appeal a Medicare Part B claim determination by telephone
11/01/99 AACC writes Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) endorsing his legislation, S.1618, the Medicare Wellness Act of 1999
09/01/99 AACC and ASM write to HCFA in support of adequate reimbursement for HIV-1 viral load testing
08/19/99 AACC writes to Representative Bill Thomas (R-CA) endorsing his legislation, H.R.2356, the Medicare Patients Appeals Act of 1999
08/13/99 AACC writes to Representative Pete Stark (D-CA) endorsing his legislation, H.R.1968, the Medicare Preventive Care Improvement Act of 1999
08/12/99 AACC writes to House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) in support of H.R.2506, the Health Research and Quality Act of 1999
07/20/99 AACC writes to Senator John Chafee (R-RI) and other key congressional leaders in opposition to the President’s proposed laboratory cuts
07/19/99 AACC writes to Representative Pete Stark (D-CA) endorsing his legislation, H.R.1899, the Health Care Worker Needlestick Prevention Act
06/28/99 AACC writes to Representative Carolyn Maloney endorsing her legislation, H.R.1285, the Cancer Screening Coverage Act of 1999
06/17/99 AACC writes to Representative Bill Thomas opposing any legislative efforts to weaken the Stark self-referral statutes
06/17/99 AACC writes to Representative Louise Slaughter endorsing her legislation, H.R.1816, the Eliminate Colorectal Cancer Act of 1999
06/17/99 AACC writes to Representative Louise Slaughter endorsing her legislation, H.R.306, the Genetic Information Discrimination in Health Insurance Act of 1999
06/17/99 AACC comments on Georgia Medicare’s LMRP on qualitative drug screens
06/03/99 AACC comments on OSHA proposed rule requiring employers to purchase personal safety equipment for their employees
05/11/99 AACC endorsed Senator Robert Bennett’s medical privacy legislation, S. 881, the Medical Information Protection Act of 1999
05/05/99 AACC writes to Senator Patrick Leahy offering comments on his legislation, S.573, the Medical Information Privacy and Security Act.
04/12/99 AACC responds to JCAHO survey regarding high priority performance measures.
03/31/99 AACC writes to House of Representatives members in opposition to H.R.528, the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment Act of 1999
03/31/99 AACC comments on S.578, the Health Care Personal Information Nondisclosure Act of 1999
03/16/99 AACC comments on HEDIS 2000
01/07/99 AACC writes CDC regarding grandfathering of board-eligible PhDs as Clinical Consultants under CLIA'88