Lab Tests Online

Lab Tests Online is an AACC resource that helps patients to better understand the many clinical laboratory tests that play a critical role in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating a broad range of conditions, from cancer to diabetes, to heart disease and infectious diseases.

Serving its 150 millionth visitor early in 2013, the site is the result of an AACC-led collaboration between 17 laboratory organizations.

Who Can Benefit From Lab Tests Online?

If you are a patient or family caregiver, Lab Tests Online can make it easier for you to discuss test results with your doctors and empower you to make informed medical decisions.

If you are a healthcare professional, this site can also serve as a quick resource for keeping up with advances in laboratory medicine.

What Information Does Lab Tests Online Provide?

An encyclopedia of clinical laboratory tests with:

  • Background on why a test might be given
  • Explanations of how to interpret a test's results
  • What samples or specimens are required to perform a test
  • Descriptions of how a test is performed

You'll also find helpful articles on many other aspects of laboratory testing, from how to cope with the anxiety of providing a blood sample to how genetic tests will impact your healthcare.

Have Questions About a Clinical Laboratory Test?

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You can also find a local version of Lab Tests Online for your country.

With the help of medical professional societies around the world, the site has been translated into 14 languages, including Chinese, Spanish, and French, and has 16 national versions operating in numerous European countries, Brazil, China, Korea, and Australia.