Global Lab Quality Initiative

Global Lab Quality Initiative


AACC’s Global Lab Quality Initiative (GLQI) unites international laboratory science experts and laboratory professionals to foster a global exchange of clinical testing best practices. This initiative is generously supported by the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation (WHCF). Wallace Coulter was an innovator, inventor, and entrepreneur who revolutionized the practice of hematology and laboratory medicine and pioneered the development of flow cytometry and monoclonal antibodies.

Between 2011 and 2017, AACC has presented 16 workshops in the Latin America and Caribbean and Asia-Pacific regions. In 2017, the program delivered its workshops in the these regions with workshops in Costa Rica, Uruguay, and China.


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AACC has two working groups devoted to providing critical advice and oversight in the planning and implementation of international educational projects:

  • Latin American Working Group (LAWG): Dr. Rosa Amor-Sierra (Chair)
  • Asia-Pacific Working Group (APWG): Dr. Victoria Zhang (Chair)

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In 2017, AACC will provide a practical four-hour workshop designed to train students and bench technicians on the nuts and bolts of quality control techniques to improve laboratory medicine. Check the 2017 Annual Meeting site for additional information.

If you have questions about AACC’s international activities, contact

Liezl Perez Schewe
Program Manager, Global Outreach
+1 202.835.8731