Personalized Diagnostics Today Where the Omics Community Collaborates

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This on-demand event originally aired as a live virtual conference on October 28-29, 2014. Order this event and listen to more than 30 speakers discuss how they are leveraging technologies like tandem mass spectrometry, genotyping, molecular diagnostics, and single cell analysis to provide better, more personalized healthcare through lab medicine. Learn what the future holds from innovators like Dr. Eric Green, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute. You will also hear experts discuss where the cutting edge of laboratory science intersects with personalized medicine, what the regulatory and reimbursement outlook is for these advanced diagnostic tests, and how to manage the massive amount of patient data being collected for genomic studies for personalized medicine purposes. You will also be able to interact with the virtual environment, clicking on and gathering information from the exhibits and the poster hall, leaving a message in the Networking Lounge or emailing booth representatives about the products they are exhibiting. This conference offers up to 16 continuing education credits.