Peter Heseltine

Mentor Interview

Dr. Peter Heseltine, M.B., B.Ch, B.A.O

Dr. Peter Heseltine, M.B., B.Ch, B.A.O is a board certified Infectious Disease Specialist and until recently the Vice President and Medical Director of Beckman Coulter Inc.’s Global Businesses (Retired - July 2011). Beckman Coulter is well known both nationally and internationally in the laboratory community as a manufacturer of point-of-care and laboratory diagnostic instruments. In his role at Beckman Coulter from 2005 until his retirement, Dr. Heseltine oversaw the medical aspects of both regulatory and scientific development of Beckman Coulter products.

Prior to joining Beckman Coulter Dr. Heseltine was employed by Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute as the Medical Director of Infectious Diseases. In his role as Medical Director from 2001 until 2005, Dr. Heseltine was responsible for high volume Serology, Molecular, Microbiology and Virology laboratories. As an Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Heseltine was in clinical practice from 1977 - 2001 as Chief Physician I, Hospital Epidemiologist at the Los Angeles County – University of Southern California Medical Center and at the Norris Cancer Hospital and USC University hospital. In addition to his roles at Quest Diagnostics and Beckman Coulter, Dr. Heseltine has also remained in clinical practice as Attending Staff Physician at UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange California.

Throughout his career Dr. Heseltine has been well funded by both public and private sources for his research on various infectious disease topics. Dr. Heseltine lists a number of major research interest including nosocomial infection, novel antimicrobial agents, HIV/AIDS associated malignancies and infections, diagnosis of infectious disease by molecular techniques among other interests. His research activities have resulted in 96 peer reviewed publications, numerous abstracts and six book chapters. Dr. Heseltine also maintains a number of society memberships including the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, American Society for Microbiology, Infectious Diseases Society of America as well as many others.