Clarity Diagnostics


NextPAP™Clarity NextPAP™ is a xylene-free, liquid-based cytology testing kit that replaces the conventional method of Pap smear preparation used in screening for the presence of atypical cells, cervical cancer, and its precursor lesions (LSIL, HSIL), as well as all other cytological categories as defined by The Bethesda System for Reporting Cervical/Vaginal Cytological Diagnoses. NextPAP brings all the advantages of automated, liquid cytology PAP testing to a manual platform and uses mono-layer technology along with a liquid cover slip that speeds up read time and eliminates the need for rescreening.   Booth No. 507

KNF Neuberger, Inc

FEM Metering Pumps

FEM Metering PumpsNew KNF diaphragm-dosing pumps for liquids (types FEM 1.02 and FEM 1.09) introduce ideal solutions and deliver superior accuracy and repeatability over a long service life. These compact pumps integrate simple, two-phase stepper motors engineered for optimized levels of controllability and cost efficiency. An optional and adaptable control module easily integrated into any system can expand control potential to suit particular application requirements. Applications include medical diagnostics, industrial dosing systems, fuel cells, semiconductor processing, and wafer analysis, among others. The FEM 1.02 pump achieves flow rates from 0.2 --20 mL/min and the FEM 1.09 pump has rates from 0.9 -- 90 mL/min.   Booth No. 348

Monobind Inc.

Vitamin B12 AccuBind® ELISA and AccuLite® CLIA Assays*

Vitamin B12 AccuBind® ELISA and AccuLite® CLIA AssaysResearchers and small labs can now meet their vitamin B12 testing needs using Monobind's open-system AccuBind® ELISA and AccuLite® CLIA assays. Suitable for manual and automated methods, with Monobind's or the lab's equipment, Monobind's vitamin B12 uses a proprietary polyclonal antibody developed by Monobind in an enzyme immunoassay that offers superior specificity to competitive protein binding assays. Monobind's proven platform for ELISA and chemiluminescence, based on streptavidin-biotin technology in a 96-well microplate, enables robust, accurate, and reproducible results. Comparison studies of Monobind's quantitative vitamin B12 in human serum and plasma find strong correlation with leading automated systems. *For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Available outside the U.S.   Booth No. 4614

NuAire, Inc.

Awel Benchtop Centrifuges

Awel Benchtop CentrifugesNuAire, manufacturer of ergonomic laboratory equipment, has partnered with Awel to bring a full line of laboratory centrifuges to North and Latin America. Exclusive, patented features are designed to increase productivity and safety. AWELook's ergonomic and compact design saves bench space, increases sight lines, and decreases the technician's reach to retrieve samples, thereby reducing fatigue. AWELight's visual, end-of-cycle indicator illuminates lights on the centrifuge handle to notify technicians that samples are ready to be removed, increasing workflow. AWELock's rapid rotor exchange allows technicians to change from one application to the next within seconds. Visit the NuAire booth for a live demonstration. Booth No. 2147

Pointe Scientific, Inc

AU Chemistry Reagent Line, Bar-Coded Bottles

AU Chemistry Reagent Line, Bar-Coded BottlesPointe Scientific introduces a new generic chemistry-reagent line packaged into bar-coded bottles that allows easy application to the Beckman Coulter AU 400/640/800 chemistry analyzers. The Pointe Scientific reagents are liquid-stable, and they have been shown to be accurate and precise. They also may offer significant cost savings over the instrument manufacturer's branded reagents. The new Pointe Scientific reagent line includes reagents necessary for a basic metabolic panel, a lipid panel, and liver function panels. Calibrators and controls also are available Booth No. 2513

Roche Diagnostics

CC/IA Rules Package

CC/IA Rules PackageThis Clinical Chemistry/ Immunoassay (CC/IA) Rules Package for Roche middleware provides a complete autoverification framework with almost 100 starter rules. The rules are designed to work specifically with Roche analyzers. Pre-written rules may reduce the amount of time needed to implement. Rules also aid in producing actionable, healthcare information in a more consistent and timely manner and allows personnel to focus on exceptions rather than normal results. Initial studies have shown that accounts without rules have been able to implement this package within 90 days and increase autoverification from zero up to as high as 82%.   Booth No. 1831

Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

BC-6800 Auto Hematology Analyzer*

BC-6800 Auto Hematology AnalyzerThe BC-6800 Auto Hematology Analyzer applies our unique SF Cube technology along with laser scatter and fluorescence to obtain 3D-cell analysis for WBC five-part, RET, and NRBC. The throughput is up to 125 samples/hour, and the autoloader can hold 100 sample tubes at one time. The Focusing Flow-DC method optimizes the RBC histogram, and it enables optical PLT counting, ensuring more accurate PLT results especially for microcytic RBC and large PLT samples. The 3D-cell analysis also makes it possible to distinguish immature cells such as blasts, atypical lymphocytes, and immature granulocytes. The unique "InR#, InR‰" parameters provide information about the presence and severity of malaria. There are four dedicated WBC counting channels to ensure a more accurate result. *Available outside the U.S.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc.

Tissue Preparation System

Tissue Preparation SystemThe Siemens Tissue Preparation System, used with the VERSANT® Tissue Preparation Reagents kit, is a fully automated solution for extraction of RNA and DNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples. Full automation of all steps, including deparaffinization and lysis, improves productivity while offering standardization and delivering quality nucleic acids. A single set of reagents that can extract both RNA and DNA from the same sample providing increased flexibility. Eliminating hazardous chemicals enhances lab safety and reduces costs associated with disposal. This technology supports a more efficient, reproducible process to meet the extraction challenges from this difficult sample type.   Booth No. 1701, 1708

Thermo Fisher Scientific

CEDIA® Oral Fluids Immunoassays

CEDIA® Oral Fluids ImmunoassaysThese new Thermo Scientific CEDIA Oral Fluid assays use the same well-respected CEDIA® technology as the urine drug monitoring products. Sample collection is easier to administer during field visits or check-ins. Observation of oral-fluid collection is noninvasive, reducing the risk of sample adulteration. Kits of different sizes are available for a range of lab testing needs. Calibrators and controls are liquid, ready-to-use. The CEDIA Oral Fluid Control Set is packaged at ± 50 % of cut-off and can be used with any lot of reagent. Oral fluid screening is now faster and more cost-effective with applications for a variety of clinical chemistry analyzers.   Booth No. 2215