Clinical Laboratory News July 2014
An AACC Publication | Volume 40, Number 7
July 2014
A New Look for CLN
AACC President Dr. Steven H. Wong introduces CLN's new look. Read More
TEG and ROTEM in Trauma-Induced Coagulopathy
Global Picture of Coagulation Enables More Precise Transfusion, Patient Management
Old notions about the coagulation process are being tossed aside as research continues into trauma-induced coagulopathy (TIC), the biochemical response to injury. As trauma surgeons gain more knowledge about TIC, they are finding viscoelastic tests like TEG or ROTEM more valuable for their ability to provide global pictures of the coagulation process.
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Point-of-care testing  
point of care  
Managing Risk at the Point-of-Care
Preventing Errors
The new Individualized Quality Control Plan (IQCP) option from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is pushing labs to consider new ways of looking at quality control.
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Quality Assurance  
    point of care
Bench Matters
Tackling Reagent Lot-to-Lot Verification in the Clinical Laboratory—Finally Some Light at the End of the Tunnel
Verifying new reagent lot performance is a common task in the clinical laboratory, and a crucial one for quality control and patient safety considerations. However, analyzing lot-to-lot verification has not been standardized, leaving considerable variation in how labs address this issue. Now, newly published guidance is offering some straightforward solutions to managing lot-to-lot variation.
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Lab management  
lab management  
What Does Turnaround Time Say About Your Lab?
Two Perspectives on Rethinking Technology and Workflow
Forward-thinking labs have found that turnaround time (TAT) can have an outsized impact on certain patient populations, and that gleaning real-time TAT data can lead to unexpected quality gains in new areas.
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Emerging Technology  
    emerging technology
Size Matters
A Snapshot of the Big Revolution in Miniaturized Diagnostics
Pushing the envelope to scale down assay protocols has led researchers down a path of reinventing how diagnostics work and what they are capable of.
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legal issues
Ask the Expert
Are Diagnostic Patents Dead?
Amelia Feulner Baur, PhD, JD, explains how recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions are having a lasting effect on many kinds of diagnostic patents.
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 CLN's Patient Safety Focus

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Patient Safety Focus

Patient Safety Behaviors: Praise to Criticism Ratio
It's critical that laboratory directors don't overlook an essential tool in reducing errors—how they encourage the right behaviors and discourage bad ones. Read More 
Patient Safety Focus
Accountability in Mergers and Acquisitions
How to Avoid Creating Patient Safety Hazards
Mergers and acquisitions can create a challenging environment for clinical laboratories when processes and culture differ between two merging organizations.
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