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14-73106-Re-engineering Critical Laboratory Testing for Timely Chemotherapeutic Management

  • Duration: 1 hours 16 minutes

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Delivery of cytotoxic therapy is a complex, multifaceted process that involves collaborative harmonization between all systems involved. Stkaeholders include nursing, providers, laboratory, and clerical personnel. Optimizing turn-around time (TAT) assures timely delivery of chemotherapy, which would subsequently translate into improved outcomes and satisfaction. At most large academic centers, 100-150 chemotherapy infusions are given daily in the outpatient setting. Delaying delivery of chemotherapy adversely affects patient flow and impacts on physicians' and nurses' satisfaction as well. In this workshop, the instructors propose a model by which the efforts of physicians and laboratory personnel are aligned so that the results of laboratory studies needed for safe chemotherapy administration are avaialble in a timely manner. The faculty will describe results of the pilot project and review metrics that demonstrate better efficiency.