What Insurance Companies Are Doing to Help Control Unnecessary Laboratory Outpatient Testing

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This webcast originally aired as a live webinar sponsored by AACC and Seattle Children’s Hospital on March 18, 2014. Most clinical laboratorians are keenly aware that they must work with their fellow healthcare providers to curb the overutilization of laboratory testing. The pressure to keep inpatient testing costs low by reducing unnecessary testing comes mainly from hospital or health system administrators who must manage costs for episodes of care. For outpatient tests, however, insurance companies or third-party payers have a vested interest in keeping costs low, since they directly pay for the tests in many instances. How do insurance companies and other payers approach the problem of test utilization, and what can labs learn from them? After listening to this 60-minute webinar and you will be able to better understand the healthcare insurance payer’s view of laboratory testing and the value laboratory testing offers for the healthcare plan and its members; explain how healthcare insurers and payers approach laboratory provider segmentation, unit cost and utilization analysis; and understand the tactics healthcare insurers and payers employ to manage laboratory expense.