Addressing the Analytical, Therapeutic, and Legal Implications of Neonate Drug Testing

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This webcast originally aired as a live webinar sponsored by AACC and Seattle Children?s Hospital on April 29, 2014. Toxicology testing in newborns is often an overlooked area of drug screening. However, recognizing the population-specific challenges of neonate drug screening related to sample type, analyte and the medico-legal implications of test results can allow laboratories to work more effectively with healthcare providers. During this program, Dr. Steven Cotton will address how labs can balance institution resources and tailor their test offerings to maximize drug screen utility, as well as how to avoid common pitfalls in this unique area of toxicology testing. At the end of this activity, participants will be able to explain why neonate toxicology testing is often overlooked in newborns; identify the common pitfalls labs experience related to neonate drug testing; and identify the types of hospital resources that must be balanced when offering neonate testing.