Intelligent Design of the Mass Spectrometry Universe: The Right Tools for the Right Jobs

  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Date:SEP.22.2016 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Are we using mass spectrometry correctly? That’s the key question to be explored in this program. Using two separate examples where a current technology dictates conventional wisdom, we’ll determine whether there are better tools that the lab can use to answer the same question.

We’ll also examine methodology limitations and cost analyses to explain why simply using mass spectrometry is not enough. Instead, it is ensuring that we use the right type of mass spectrometry that ultimately drives success.



Frederick G. Strathmann, PhD, DABCC
University of Utah and ARUP Laboratories


This webinar is intended for clinical research laboratory administrators, directors, and managers who are involved in the evaluation, purchase, validation and/or oversight of mass spectrometry systems in the clinical research lab.

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  • Comparison of immunoassay screening and LC-TOF rapid screening for small molecules such as drugs
  • Comparison of LC-MS/MS and LC-ICP-MS for the measurement of thyroid hormones

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