When Gender Doesn't Equal Sex: What to Consider When Testing Transgender Patients

  • Duration: 60 minutes

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It's difficult to know for certain how many transgender individuals now live in the U.S., but experts estimate that more than 700,000 people may now identify themselves as such. When these individuals encounter the healthcare system, they are often evaluated using traditional measures of health status and are subjected to protocols and systems that rely on determining whether a patient's biological sex is either male or female. In the laboratory, for example, calculation of eGFR requires the input of the person's biological sex - as either male or female - to accurately assess kidney function. LIS systems are also often set up to record a person's biological sex as either male or female. What can clinical labs do to remove some of the obstacles the transgender population faces when accessing healthcare, and more specifically, laboratory services? During this 60-minute webinar, Dr. Dina Greene provides information on what labs should consider when providing testing for transgender patients. (This is a recorded version of an AACC live webinar that was held October 27, 2015).