CLIA Update 2015: Hear What's in the Works

  • Duration: 60 minutes

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CLIA'88 is a living regulation, meaning that it can be adapted and refined in response to changes in the laboratory practice environment. Consequently, it's important for labs to stay abreast of CLIA-related activities, and in this on-demand webinar, CMS' Director of the Division of Laboratory Services, Ms. Karen Dyer, provides an update on what's new in CLIA policy and oversight during this 60-minute webinar. Ms. Dyer will share the latest CLIA statistics, and discuss the relationship between CLIA and current laboratory topics, including the off-label use of blood glucose meters and the implementation of individualized quality control plans (IQCPs). (This is a recorded version of an AACC live webinar that was held October 22, 2015).