Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief Robert H. Christenson
Address University of Maryland Medical Center
Clinical Chemistry/Pathology
22 South Greene
Room N2W70c, UMMS
Baltimore, MD, 21201-1544
Contact Phone: 410 328-8672
Deputy Editor James H. Nichols
Address Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology
4918D TVC (The Vanderbilt Clinic)
1301 Medical Center Drive
Nashville, TN, 37232-5310
Contact Phone: 1 615 343-5708
Fax: 1 615 343-9563
Associate Editor Paul O. Collinson
Address St George's Hospital
Chemical Pathology
Clinical Blood Sciences, Ground Floor, Jenner Wing
Cranmer Terrace
London, SW17 0RE
United Kingdom
Contact Phone: 44 208 7255934
Associate Editor Christopher R DeFilippi
Address Inova Fairfax Hospital
3300 Gallows Road
Suite 1225
Falls Church, VA, 22046
Contact Phone: 703-776-5107
Fax: 703 698-2407
Associate Editor Dennis J. Dietzen
Address Washington University School of Medicine
One Childrens Place Box 8116
Room 2N68
Saint Louis, MO, 63110-1002
Contact Phone: 314 286-2857
Fax: 314 454-2274
Associate Editor Sharon Markham Geaghan MD
Address Stanford University
c/o 144 Seminary Dr
Menlo Park, CA, 94025
Contact Phone: 650-575-6520
Associate Editor Dina Nicole Greene
Address University of Washington
Department of Lab Medicine
Campus Box 357110
Seattle, WA, 98195
Contact Phone: 4045103464
Fax: 1 510 559-5306
Associate Editor Thomas S Lorey
Address Kaiser Permanente Regional Laboratory
Regional Laboratory
1725 Eastshore Hwy
Berkeley, CA, 94710
Contact Phone: 510 559-5251
Associate Editor Jeff Meeusen
Address Mayo Clinic
Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
200 First St. SW
Hilton 1-06B
Rochester, MN, 55902
Contact Phone: 507-284-9939
Associate Editor Lori J. Sokoll
Address Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
1800 Orleans St.
Sheikh Zayed Tower B1-1020K
Baltimore, MD, 21287-0001
Contact Phone: 1 410 955-2673
Fax: 1 410 955-0767
Board Member Nikola Baumann
Address Mayo Clinic
Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
200 First Street SW
Hilton 3-70
Rochester, MN, 55905
Contact Phone: 507 284-0524
Fax: 507 538-7060
Board Member Kenneth E. Blick
Address University of Oklahoma Health Science Center
PO Box 26307-Room EB400
800 N.E. 13th Street
Oklahoma City, OK, 73104-5006
Contact Phone: 405 271-7632
Board Member Neil T Constantine
Address University of Maryland
725 W Lombard St
1HV, Room 445
Baltimore, MD, 21201-1009
Contact Phone: 410 706-2788
Fax: 410 706-2789
Board Member Show-Hong Duh
Address University of Maryland Medical Center
Clinical Pathology
22 S. Greene St
Clinical Laboratories
Baltimore, MD, 21201
Contact Phone: 410-328-5705
Board Member Robert L. Fitzgerald
Address UCSD
Center for Advanced Laboratory Medicine
10300 Campus Point Drive
Suite 150
San Diego, CA, 92121
Contact Phone: 858 657-5733
Fax: 858 657-5025
Board Member Barbara Miriam Goldsmith
Address 1112 Borbeck Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19111
Contact Phone: 215 955-1327
Board Member David G. Grenache
Address University of Utah & ARUP Laboratories
500 Chipeta Way
Mail Code 115
Salt Lake City, UT, 84108
Contact Phone: 801 583-2787
Fax: 801 584-5207
Board Member Jennifer Johnson
Address University of Maryland School of Medicine
100 Penn Street AHB Room 340
Baltimore, MD, 21201
Board Member Saeed A Jortani
Address University of Louisville
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
511 S. Floyd Street
Ste 227
Louisville, KY, 40202
Contact Phone: 502 852-8835
Board Member Stephen E. Kahn
Address Loyola University Medical Center
Pathology/Clinical Services
2160 South First Avenue
Bldg 103, Room 0148
Maywood, IL, 60153-3304
Contact Phone: 1 708 216-4725
Board Member Steven Craig Kazmierczak
Address Oregon Health & Science University
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road
Mail Code: HRC-9
Portland, OR, 97239-3079
Contact Phone: 1 503 494-4208
Board Member David D. Koch
Address Emory University/ Grady Memorial Hospital
Clinical Laboratories
80 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE
Atlanta, GA, 30303-3031
Contact Phone: 1 404 616-5489
Board Member Stanley F. Lo
Address Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin
Pathology & Lab Medicine
9000 W Wisconsin Ave, MS 701
Milwaukee, WI, 53226-4874
Contact Phone: 414 266-2508
Board Member Sara A Love
Address Hennepin County Medical Center
Lab Medicine and Pathology/Clinical Laboratory
701 Park Ave
P4 Clinical Laboratories
Minneapolis, MN, 55415
Contact Phone: 612-873-2813
Board Member Mark Marzinke
Address Johns Hopkins University
1800 Orleans St. Sheikh Zayed Tower
Zayed B1020-G
Baltimore, MD, 21287
Contact Phone: 443 287-7516
Board Member Qing He Meng
Address University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Laboratory Medicine
1515 Holcombe Blvd. Unit # 37
Houston, TX, 77030
Contact Email
Board Member Gary L. Myers
Address 4711 Derby Lane
Smyrna, GA, 30082
Contact Phone: 404-457-5804
Board Member Christopher Philip Price
Address University of Oxford
Clinical Biochemistry
Glyn Garth, Wains Road
Daglingworth, Cirencester
Gloucestershire, GL7 7AN
United Kingdom
Contact Phone: 44 1285 656941
Board Member Alan Thomas Remaley
Address National Institutes of Health
Laboratory Medicine
10 Center Drive
Bldg 10, Room 2C-433
Bethesda, MD, 20892
Contact Phone: 301 402-9796
Fax: 301 402-1885
Board Member Robert L Schmidt
Address University of Utah
Department of Pathology
330 N Middle Oak Ln
Salt Lake City, UT, 84108
Contact Phone: 801 633-4729
Board Member Salvador F. Sena
Address Western Connecticut Health Network
Danbury Hospital
24 Hospital Ave
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine - 2 Tower
Danbury, CT, 06810-6077
Contact Phone: 203 739-7622
Board Member John G. Toffaletti
Address Duke University Medical Center
Pathology/Clinical Lab
133 A Carl Bldg
PO Box 3015
Durham, NC, 27710-0001
Contact Phone: 919 684-4754
Board Member Sihe Wang
Address Cleveland Clinic
Clinical Pathology
9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH, 44195
Contact Phone: 216 445-2634
Board Member Alan H.B. Wu
Address University of California at San Francisco
Laboratory Medicine
1001 Potrero Avenue
Room 2M27
San Francisco, CA, 94110
Contact Phone: 415 206-3540
Fax: 415 206-3045
Board Member Yan Victoria Zhang
Address University of Rochester Medical Center
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
601 Elmwood Avenue
Box 608
Rochester, NY, 14642
Contact Phone: 585 276-4192
SYCL Liaison Deborah French
Address University of California San Francisco
Laboratory Medicine
185 Berry Street
Suite 290
San Francisco, CA, 94107
Contact Phone: 415 514 6627