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Publication and Reporting of Test Accuracy Studies Registered in ClinicalTrials.govKorevaar, Daniël11:06
Screening Method to Evaluate Point-of-Care Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) Devices for Susceptibility to the Hook Effect by hCG ß Core Fragment: Evaluation of 11 DevicesGronowski, Ann and Nerenz, Robert8:35
Influence of PCR Reagents on DNA Polymerase Extension Rates Measured on Real-Time PCR InstrumentsWittwer, Carl11:57
April 2014 Audio Summary9:34
Islet autoantibodies and type 1 diabetes: does the evidence support screening?Calderon, Boris6:44
Digital PCR as a Novel Technology and Its Potential Implications for Molecular DiagnosticsHuggett, Jim17:27
Reporting Hemoglobin A1c: Do the units matter?Sacks, David and Kilpatrick, Eric17:06
Invention and Validation of an Automated Camera System That Uses Optical Character Recognition to Identify Patient Name Mislabeled SpecimensHawker, Charles13:47
March 2014 Audio Summary11:15
Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: It Is Time for International ConsensusSacks, David15:53
Biomarkers for Acute Kidney Injury: Where Are We Today? Where Should We Go?Lieske, John8:34
Genomic Test Validation for Incidental FindingsPark, Jason14:06
As If Biomarker Discovery Isn't Hard Enough: The Consequences of Poorly Characterized ReagentsRodland, Karin7:31
February 2014 Audio Summary9:48
What’s Different about Women’s Health?Gronowski, Ann6:25
High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin Assays: Isn't It Time for Equality?Jaffe, Allan and Apple, Fred21:01
The Ethical Implications of Preimplantation Genetic DiagnosisGronowski, Ann and Caplan, Arthur11:28
Tumor Microenvironment–Released Peptides: Could They Form the Basis for an Early-Diagnosis Breast Cancer Test?Diamandis, Eleftherios7:45
January 2014 Audio Summary13:44
Gestational Diabetes MellitusCoustan, Donald18:34
Diagnosing Diabetes Mellitus: Performance of Hemoglobin A1c Point-of-Care Instruments in General Practice OfficesSølvik, Una10:35
December 2013 Audio Summary10:04
Digital Droplet PCR for Rapid Quantification of Donor DNA in the Circulation of Transplant Recipients as a Potential Universal Biomarker of Graft InjurySchütz, Ekkehard9:23
Multiplex picodroplet digital PCR to detect KRAS mutations in circulating DNA from plasma of colorectal cancer patientsTaly, Valerie6:41
MicroRNA Signature Helps Distinguish Early from Late Biochemical Failure in Prostate CancerYousef, George8:05
November 2013 Audio Summary10:44
Bioinformatics: What the Clinical Laboratorian Needs to Know and Prepare ForChao, Elizabeth13:21
Use of MALDI-TOF for diagnosis of microbial infectionsPoutanen, Susan13:37
Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council Launches Question BankRifai, Nader5:41
False Biomarker Discovery Due to Reactivity of a Commercial ELISA for CUZD1 with Cancer Antigen CA125Prassas, Ioannis12:05
October 2013 Audio Summary09:24
Scanning for cancer genomic changes in plasma: towards an era of personalized blood-based tumor markersChan, KC Allen7:32
Automation in the Clinical Microbiology LaboratoryBurnham, Carey-Ann13:15
Point-of-Care and Over-the-Counter Qualitative Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) Devices Remain Susceptible to False-Negative Results Caused by Excess hCG ß Core FragmentGronowski, Ann7:01
Twenty-Eight Grams of Prevention Is Worth a Half Kilogram of CureBennett, Sterling12:20
September 2013 Audio Summary9:29
MicroRNAs in Idiopathic Childhood Nephrotic SyndromeLorenzen, Johan and Thum, Thomas5:59
Q&A: A New Era in Prenatal Diagnosis: The Use of Cell-Free Fetal DNA in Maternal Circulation for Detection of Chromosomal AneuploidiesHoffman, Barry22:30
Failure of Current Laboratory Protocols to Detect Lot-to-Lot Reagent Differences: Findings and Possible SolutionsAlgeciras-Schimnich, Alicia9:57
Genomic Privacy in the Information AgeKorf, Bruce13:45
August 2013 Audio Summary9:46
FDA Oversight of Laboratory-Developed Tests: Is It Necessary, and How Would It Impact Clinical Laboratories?Ashwood, Edward or Leonard, Debra10:56
Noninvasive Prenatal Methylomic Analysis by Genomewide Bisulfite Sequencing of Maternal Plasma DNAChiu, Rossa20:01
Gaps in the Traceability Chain of Human Growth Hormone MeasurementsZegers, Ingrid10:43
Newborn Screening by Sequence and the Road AheadSondheimer, Neal14:07
Clinical Utility and Analytical Challenges in Measurement of Cerebrospinal Fluid Amyloid-β1–42 and τ Proteins as Alzheimer Disease BiomarkersShaw, Leslie22:49
July 2013 Audio Summary9:01
Communication of Scientific Information: Is It Time to Reassess?Rifai, Nader and Sack, John13:20
Measurement of Thyroglobulin by Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Serum and Plasma in the Presence of Antithyroglobulin AutoantibodiesKushnir, Mark6:37
Cobalt and Chromium Measurement in Patients with Metal Hip ProsthesesVan Der Straeten, Catherine11:30
Beyond LDL-C in assessing cardiovascular risk: ApoB or LDL-P?Rader, Daniel and McConnell, Joseph8:08
June 2013 Audio Summary9:38
Are Biomarkers the Answer to the Heart Failure Readmissions Problem?Jaffe, Allan8:20
Vitamin D and cancer: Can we believe the evidence from observational studies?Cook, Nancy13:58
Circulating microRNAs: What is their relevance?Hilton, Catriona8:24
Molecular detection of human H7N9 influenza A virus causing outbreaks in ChinaPoon, Leo6:45
Targeting the Circulating MicroRNA Signature of ObesityOrtega, Francisco José12:18
Pharm-Econogenomics: A New AppraisalTopol, Eric6:10
May Audio Summary7:51
The Human Gut Microbiome and Body Metabolism: Implications for Obesity and DiabetesVersalovic, James23:26
Q&A on PheochromocytomaEstey, Mathew, and Eisenhofer, Graeme20:50
Mobile Device for Disease Diagnosis and Data Tracking in Resource-Limited SettingsSia, Samuel15:44
Predicting the Cost and Pace of Pharmacogenomic Advances: An Evidence-Based StudyArnaout, Ramy9:05
April 2013 Audio Summary8:51
Male Infertility and MicrochipsPark, Jason7:44
Cannabis Effects on Driving SkillsHartman, Rebecca and Huestis, Marilyn22:18
Low Plasma 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and Risk of Tobacco-Related CancerNordestgaard, Børge10:30
More Data, Please!Baggerly, Keith17:40
MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry: Transformative Proteomics for Clinical MicrobiologyPatel, Robin4:48
March 2013 Audio Summary7:41
Is Early Detection of Cancer with Circulating Biomarkers Feasible?Konforte, Danijela14:23
February 2013 Audio Summary7:30
External Quality Assessment of Point-of-Care Methods: Model For Combined Assessment of Method Bias and Single-Participant Performance by the Use of Native Patient Samples and Noncommutable Control MaterialStavelin, Anne10:43
MicroRNA Analysis: Is It Ready for Prime Time?Tsongalis, Gregory8:59
Commercial Immunoassays in Biomarkers Studies: Researchers Beware!Rifai, Nader8:27
Data Submission and Quality in Microarray-Based MicroRNA ProfilingWitwer, Kenneth11:56
Comparing Multiple Measures of Glycemia: How to Transition from Biomarker to Diagnostic Test?Cohen, Robert and Sacks, David18:45
January 2013 Audio Summary12:31
The Riddle of Protein Diagnostics: Future Bleak or Bright?Anderson, Leigh8:53
Conquering Cancer in Our Lifetime: New Diagnostic and Therapuetic TrendsDiamandis, Eleftherios9:25
Plasma-Derived Tumor DNA Analysis at Whole-Genome ResolutionSwanton, Charles12:19
Validating serum markers for monitoring of cancerStenman, Ulf-Hakan5:07
Design of Tumor Biomarker-Monitoring Trials: A Proposal by the European Group on Tumor MarkersSölétormos, György11:37
Cancer Genome Scanning in Plasma: Detection of Tumor-Associated Copy Number Aberrations, Single-Nucleotide Variants, and Tumoral Heterogeneity by Massively Parallel Sequencing Lo, Dennis5:07
Associations of Alternative Markers of Glycemia with Hemoglobin A1c and Fasting GlucoseSelvin, Elizabeth4:14
The Evolving Threat of Influenza Viruses of Animal Origin and the Challenges in Developing Appropriate DiagnosticsPoon, Leo LM8:25
Quantitative PCR Analysis of DNA, RNAs, and Proteins in the Same Single CellStåhlberg, Anders12:40
Performance Criteria for Testosterone Measurements Based on Biological Variation in Adult Males: Recommendations from the Partnership for the Accurate Testing of HormonesFitzgerald, Robert L9:42
Medicine Unplugged: The Future of Laboratory MedicineTopol, Eric J.8:32
December 2012 Audio Summary6:59
Longitudinal Studies of Cardiac Troponin I in a Large Cohort of Healthy ChildrenHickman, Peter E.11:04
Determination of 19 Cardiac Troponin I and T Assay 99th Percentile Values from a Common Presumably Healthy PopulationApple, Fred S.14:52
On-Site Test for Cannabinoids in Oral Fluid*Desrosiers, Nathalie A. and Marilyn A. Huestis16:08
November 2012 Audio Summary5:32
Ectopic PregnancyShaw, Julie L.V. and Andrew W. Horne6:28
Exome and Whole-Genome Sequencing as Clinical Tests: A Transformative Practice in Molecular DiagnosticsShen, Yiping10:28
More Reliable On-Site Detection of Cannabis in Oral FluidVerstraete, Alain G6:36
Room for Improvement in National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines*Bossuyt, Patrick M.M.5:34
Applicability of the AGREE II Instrument in Evaluating the Development Process and Quality of Current National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry GuidelinesDon-Wauchope, Andrew C.08:24
Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnosis of Monogenic Diseases by Targeted Massively Parallel Sequencing of Maternal Plasma: Application to β-ThalassemiaLo, Y.M. Dennis5:43
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