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NACB: 2013 Distinguished Abstracts Awards

The National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Distinguished Abstracts Awards. A group of NACB Fellows selected these 38 abstracts for their scientific excellence from a pool of 903 abstracts accepted for the AACC Annual Meeting.

Winning abstracts will display the NACB blue ribbon during the AACC Annual Meeting poster sessions in Houston, TX.

A-04 Haiming Chen, West Hollywood, CA
  BCMA is a novel serum biomarker for diagnosis and prognosis of multiple myeloma
A-10 Wendy Alderton, London, United Kingdom
  CA19.9 profile in samples predating pancreatic cancer diagnosis - nested case control study in the UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS)
A-23 John E Blume, San Diego, CA
  Mass Spectrometry-based Protein Assays With 20-Feature Classifiers Can Predict the Presence of Polyps or Adenomas Upon Subsequent Colonoscopy
A-93 Ekkehard Schütz, Göttingen, Germany
  Rapid and Cost Effective Measurement of Circulating Cell Free Graft DNA for the Early Detection of Liver Transplant Rejection
A-95 Zengliu Su, Charleston, SC
  The Association of a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in FSHR Gene with Adverse Radiotherapeutic Effects in Prostate Cancer Patients
A-98 Werner Steimer, Munich, Germany
  The CYP1A2*1D Polymorphism Has A Significant Impact On Olanzapine Serum Concentrations
A-158 Dustin R Bunch, Cleveland, OH
  Do Deuterium Labeled Internal Standards Correct for Matrix Effects in LC-MS/MS Assays? A Case Study Using Plasma Free Metanephrine and Normetanephrine
A-158 Gregg Wallis, Birmingham, United Kingdom
  Evidence for hybrid light chain IgG4 molecules in normal human serum.
A-227 John S Kaptein, Los Angeles, CA
  In vitro Allergy Testing: Correlating IgE levels Among All Allergens
A-290 Fatma Ucar, Ankara, Turkey
  Estimation of biological variation and reference change value of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) when two analytical methods are used
A-291 Julia C Drees, Berkeley, CA
  Four Commonly Utilized Immunoassays Fail to Detect TSH in a Cohort of Euthyroid Patients: Are TSH Assays Hyper-Selective?
A-296 Maria Helane G Castelo, Fortaleza, Brazil
  Study of the association between acromegaly and the presence of BRAFV600E mutation and immunohistochemical expression of IGF-1 and galectin-3 in papillary thyroid carcinoma
A-298 Daniela T Meier, Rochester, MN
  Establishment of Reference Intervals for Prolactin after Precipitation with Polyethyleneglycol and Detection of Macroprolactin
A-371 Jasvinder K Gambhir, Delhi, India
  Association of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha (TNFA) Promoter Polymorphisms with plasma TNF-α levels and susceptibility to Diabetic Nephropathy in North Indian Population
A-372 Sevilay Sezer, Ankara, Turkey
  Association of Collagen Type 1 alpha 1 Gene Polymorphism with inguinal hernia
A-377 Jennifer S. McDonald, Rochester, MN
  High Serum Creatinine Variability Prior to Intravenous Contrast Medium Administration May Confound a Diagnosis of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy
A-381 Gulcan Guntas Korkmaz, Kirklareli, Turkey
  Comparison of maternal and umbilical cord blood soluble lectin-like oxidized low density lipoprotein receptor 1 levels and the frequency of the two gene polymorphisms in early- and late-onset preeclampsia
A-431 Brenda B. Suh-Lailam, Salt Lake City, UT
  Reference Interval Determination for Anabasine in Urine: A Biomarker of Active Tobacco Use
A-436 Trevor J Pitcher, Louisville, KY
  Antiarrhythmic Drugs Reverse Bath Salts Induced Tachycardia In Vivo
A-485 Harsh Patel, Boston, MA
  Predicting Iron Deficiency from Complete Blood Counts using a Mathematical Model of RBC Maturation
A-527 Loring K Bjornson, Manhasset, NY
  Interference in HbA1c Measurement by HPLC: Unusual Case Involving a poorly controlled Diabetic Patient with Hemoglobin D Trait
A-528 Loring K Bjornson, Manhasset, NY
  How Frequently does Hemolysis Mask Hypokalemia? A study from a Large Tertiary Hospital
B-17 George S Cembrowski, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  Tighter biological variation precision target required for lactate testing in patients with lactic acidosis
B-42 Xuan Mu, Beijing, China
  On-Site Colorimetric Detection of Sweat Chloride Ion for Diagnosing Cystic Fibrosis
B-47 Barry I Bluestein, San Diego, CA
  Evaluation of Point of Care (POC) Prehospital Testing for Troponin I (cTnI) while in Hospital Transit via the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS)- a Preliminary Study using the Samsung LABGEOIB10 Analyzer
B-98 Seok Lae Chae, Goyang, Republic of Korea
  Comparison of the syphilis screening algorithms in very low-prevalence population
B-151 M. Browne, Crumlin, United Kingdom
  Identification of Novel Inflammatory Biomarkers in the Early Diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease
B-175 Petr Jarolim, Boston, MA
  Determination of Cardiac Troponin with a Single-Molecule High-Sensitivity Assay and Outcomes in Patients with Stable Coronary Artery Disease: Analysis from PROVE IT-TIMI 22
B-187     Eberhard Spanuth, Heidelberg, Germany
  Presepsin (sCD14-ST) and ST2 as Prognostic Markers in Acute Heart Failure
B-189     Sarah R Delaney, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  Novel Insights and Reference Intervals of Cardiac Troponin I in a Healthy Neonatal and Pediatric Population
B-195 Olaia Rodriguez Fraga, Madrid, Spain
  Cardiac biomarkers measurement in plasma for early detection of cardiotoxicity in patients undergoing chemotherapy
B-196     Kristie M Harris, Bethesda, MD
  Use Of Novel Plasma Biomarkers To Predict Hospitalization in Chronic Heart Failure Patients
B-289 Khosrow Adeli, Toronto, Ontatio, Canada
  Complex biological pattern of fertility hormones in children and adolescents: A study of healthy children from the CALIPER cohort and establishment of pediatric reference intervals
B-290 David Colantonio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  Marked Biological Variance in Endocrine and Biochemical Markers in Childhood: Establishment of Pediatric Reference Intervals using Healthy Community Children from the CALIPER Cohort
B-291     Angela M Ferguson, Kansas City, MO
  Clinical Impact of the BuBc Slide Recalibration by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
B-294 Dean C. Carlow, Philadelphia, PA
  Serum Total Calcium Concentrations in the Vitamin D-replete Pediatric Population
B-296 Victor Sanchez-Margalet, Seville, Spain
  Hyperinsulinemia may mediate hyperleptinemia in gestational diabetic patients activating leptin expression in the trophoblast
B-318 Rojeet Shrestha, Sapporo, Japan
  Qualitative Determination of Triacylglycerol Hydroperoxide in VLDL, Intermediate Density Lipoprotein and Human Plasma using Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer