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Emerging Clinical & Laboratory Diagnostics

Pushing the Envelope

November 4-5, 2015 * Sheraton Los Angeles Downton Hotel

Organizing Committee: Gerard A. Cangelosi, PhD (Conference Chair), University of Washington (Seattle, WA); Brian K. Kay, PhD, University of Illinois-Chicago (Chicago, IL); Lance A. Ladic, PhD, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics (Princeton, NJ); Angelika Niemz, PhD, Keck Graduate Institute (Claremont, CA); Lydia L. Sohn, PhD, University of California Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)


Wednesday, November 4

A Fantastic Voyage: From 'Lab on the Skin' to Self-Propelled Nano-Laboratories
Joseph Wang, DSc
University of California San Diego (San Diego, CA)
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SESSION I – New Tools for Single Cell Analysis
Microfluidic Technologies for Isolating and Studying Circulating Tumor Cells
Sunita Nagrath, PhD
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)
(Slides)            (Handout)

Time-of-Flight Flow Cytometry for Single Cell Analysis
Marc A. Unger, PhD
Fluidigm Corporation (South San Francisco, CA)
(Slides)            (Handout)

Single Cell Transcriptomics
Geoffrey Facer, PhD
Cellular Research, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)
(Slides)            (Handout)

Consistently Ultra-Selective and Continuously Tunable Nucleic Acid Hybridization Technologies
David Zhang, PhD
Rice University (Houston, TX)
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SESSION II – Convergence of Point-of-Care Diagnostics and mHealth
rHEALTH Sensor for Small Volume, Multiplexed Blood Analysis
Eugene Y. Chan, MD
DNA Medicine Institute (Cambridge, MA)
(Slides)            (Handout)

Mobile Technologies for Personalized Nutrition Diagnostics and Global Health
David Erickson, PhD
Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)
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Diagnosis at the Point of Care with a Smartphone Dongle
Tiffany Guo
Columbia University (New York, NY)
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Rapid Pathogen Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
David A. Haake, MD
UCLA and the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (Los Angeles, CA)
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Thursday, November 5

SESSION III – Infectious Diseases: Multiplex Analysis, Microbiomics, and Drug Resistance
A Novel HIV-1 Drug Resistance and Co-receptor Tropism Assay: Making the Switch to Next Generation Sequencing
Miguel E. Quiñones-Mateu, PhD
Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland OH)
(Slides)            (Handout)

Extending the Scope - MALDI-TOF MS as a Novel Technique to Rapidly Assess Antibiotic Resistances
Prof. Dr. med. Sören Schubert
Max von Pettenkofer-Institut, LMU (Munich, Germany)
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Application of Microarrays for Highly Multiplexed Microbial Detection and Resistome Analysis
Tomasz A. Leski, PhD
United States Naval Research Laboratory (Washington, DC)
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Speaker TBD
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SESSION IV – Emerging Approaches in Imaging and Diagnostics
Session IV Introduction
Moderator: Brian K. Kay, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Novel UV and Mass-tagged Microscopies
Richard M. Levenson, MD
UC Davis Medical Center (Sacramento, CA)
(Slides)            (Handout)

Wearable/Printable MRI Coils
Ana C. Arias, PhD, and Michael Lustig, PhD
University of California Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)
(Slides)            (Handout)

Extracellular Vesicles: New Frontiers for Cell-to-Cell Communication and Biomarkers in Cancer
Dolores Di Vizio, MD, PhD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (Los Angeles, CA)
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Developing Point of Care Tests for Cardiovascular Diseases, Sepsis, and Pregnancy
Paul Bao, PhD
Ohmx Corporation (Evanston, IL)
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