Theranos Science and Technology

The Miniaturization of Lab Testing

On Monday, August 1 from 4:30–6 p.m., Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes will present a special session about her proprietary technology. In this session, Holmes is expected to describe the company’s lab testing framework, which consists of a finger-stick blood collection and storage device, technologies for processing small volume samples in a centralized setting, and a compact fully-integrated and automated field-deployable diagnostic testing platform.

Ms. Holmes will also present reproducibility and correlation data for various tests comparing Theranos' capillary collection and storage device with traditional venipuncture methods. She will discuss methodology employed for their diagnostics testing platform, and share data to demonstrate the precision and accuracy of these chemistry, immunochemistry, hematology, and molecular assays (traditionally performed on separate instruments) using their analytical testing platform, including a novel molecular test for the Zika virus.

Following the presentation by Ms. Holmes, there will be a moderator-led Q&A session featuring questions submitted in real-time by members of the audience. The moderator panel will include AACC President Dr. Patricia Jones, and Drs. Y.M. Dennis Lo and Stephen Master.

Please note that this interactive session is not part of the accredited educational program, and as such, attendees will not receive Continuing Medical Education or ACCENT® credit. This session is for conference registrants and exhibitors only.

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