Make Your Meme for #LabWeek2017

A World Without Lab Medicine

lab week image What would the world be like without laboratory medicine professionals? That’s the question AACC is asking as we focus on the value and impact of laboratorians during Lab Week. This social media contest uses a fun exercise to convey a serious message: that without laboratorians, medicine would just not work.

How To Win


lab week imageThe goal: to create “shareable” memes as a fun way to make the point that labs are critical to healthcare.
    1. Use the Google form to create ingenious captions for up to 5 different images.
    2. AACC will create your memes with your chosen captions and share them on Facebook. 
    3. The meme that gets the most likes and shares wins $100 and a custom t-shirt with your meme on it.


Remember, you’ll get the most likes and shares for your meme if you share AACC’s post of your chosen memes.

lab week image