Best of AACC

The Best of AACC aims to make AACC’s latest scientific and educational content more accessible to laboratory medicine professionals across the globe.

The next two events in this conference series will take place in Shanghai, China, and Kyoto, Japan.

Best of AACC China

On November 3–4, Best of AACC will come to Shanghai for a second time, featuring talks by renowned international speakers on the latest developments in liquid biopsy, pharmacogenomics, and point-of-care testing. Learn more.

Best of AACC Japan

On November 15–16, this conference will showcase expert presentations on point-of-care testing and validation of laboratory-developed tests. Learn more.

Past Best of AACC Events

To date, Best of AACC has also held conferences in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Shanghai and Shenzhen, China; and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.