Message From the NACB President

loralie langmanDear Colleagues,

As you no doubt have become aware moving forward the “NACB” will be known as the “AACC Academy.” This follows AACC’s year-long effort to examine its governance framework. The Academy will continue to elect its own officers and council members, including the Academy’s President who will chair the AACC Academy Council and sit on the AACC Board as a full member, ex officio with vote. This formal designation on the AACC Board of Directors provides a very strong mechanism by which the Academy can provide input and direction to AACC’s leadership.

The new governance plan provides direction and new purpose to the Academy, while it will continue to build upon the strong contributions made by its members. We will continue to recognize members who have already made significant academic/professional contributions in the field of laboratory medicine while also providing a structured forum to enable those members to further advance the field.

I look forward to continuing to work with you on the new AACC Academy Council, and to help all Academy Members transition to this new, stronger vision, to help ensure the AACC Academy carries the prestige befitting the accomplished scholars in our field and provides direction and inspiration to the next generation of leaders. Thank you for your continued commitment to the Academy of AACC and the field of laboratory medicine.

Loralie Langman, PhD FACB