Strategic Plan

The NACB is a professional association of doctoral level scientists engaged in the practice of clinical laboratory medicine.

Vision: To be the leading scholarly organization advancing the science and practice of clinical laboratory medicine.


To advance clinical practice and research, to promote education and professional development in clinical laboratory medicine, and to serve as the Academy of AACC.

The Academy will carry out its mission by using the following five strategic objectives as a guide for implementing the strategic plan.

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective I (Clinical Practice). The Academy will promote improvement in patient care by:

  • Developing and maintaining Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines (LMPGs) in collaboration with other professional organizations based on review of evidence and consensus of experts.
  • Disseminating LMPGs through the most effective mechanisms to make them available to the broader medical community.
  • Developing information for the public regarding evidence on laboratory tests for incorporation into LabTests Online or the NACB web site.

Strategic Objective II (Research). The Academy will promote scientific research in clinical laboratory medicine by:

  • Supporting research on the use of laboratory tests.
  • Identifying and recognizing outstanding research contributions in clinical laboratory medicine.
  • Encouraging, supporting, and recognizing student research.

Strategic Objective III (Education). The Academy will promote education in clinical laboratory medicine by:

  • Developing and supporting educational programs for laboratory professionals, clinicians, other healthcare professionals, and the public.
  • Distributing educational materials to healthcare professionals and the public.

Strategic Objective IV (Professional Development). The Academy will enhance the professional development of its members and their value to the profession by:

  • Supporting training and certification of doctoral level clinical biochemists.
  • Partnering with other professional organizations.
  • Actively recruiting new members for the Academy.
  • Recognizing service to the Academy.
  • Providing opportunities to participate in leadership of the Academy.

Strategic Objective V (The Academy of AACC). The Academy will have a leadership role in the scholarly activities of AACC by:

  • Serving as the scientific advisory group to the AACC.
  • Advising AACC on position papers and statements as needed.
  • Collaborating with other professional organizations.
  • Reviewing guidelines developed by other organizations for endorsement.
  • Representing AACC on committees of other organizations.
  • Facilitating interaction between AACC and other professional organizations.
  • Providing NACB representation on appropriate AACC committees.
  • Supporting the mission and activities of ABCC, NRCC, and ComACC.

(Approved by the Board on April 18, 1998; Revised March 13, 2005; Revised April 14, 2007.)