How to Apply

General Information

International Travel Grants encourages young scientists in underserved areas of the international clinical laboratory community to attend the AACC Annual Meeting and foster relationships between scientists of other countries and those in the United States. International travel grants ranging up to $2,500 and include free Annual Meeting registration.  Applications are due December 31; winners are notified by March 1 and the funds are distributed at the annual meeting. 

International travel grants are intended to help offset travel expenses, not to cover all the costs of attending the meeting, and are based on the following criteria which should be explained in your cover letter:

  • Impact on the applicant's future career in clinical laboratory medicine;
  • Impact on state of clinical lab medicine in your country and your institution; 
  • Broadening international participation at the meeting;
  • Financial need to attend; and
  • Applicant's impact on the meeting's content (preference will be given to those presenting abstracts)
  • Please note, applicants who have received an international travel grant twice in a five-year time span will not be considered.

Preference will be given to AACC members.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted in one PDF document, in sequential order and contain the following:

  1. A statement of why the applicant wants to attend the AACC Annual Meeting and how attending will help the applicant in his or her work as a clinical laboratory scientist;
  2. A statement as to whether the applicant has submitted an abstract for presentation at the Annual Meeting (if so, a copy of the abstract must be included with the application). Note: Applying for the International Travel Grant does not automatically enter your abstract for the Annual Meeting Poster Session.  You must apply for it separately. Therefore please visit the Annual Meeting website to submit your abstract for consideration.
  3. Information about whether other resources are available for the applicant to attend the meeting. Applicant must be able to pay for airfare and other expenses related to travel to the meeting.
  4. Financial need to attend, with the understanding that the travel grant only covers part of your expenses to get to the Annual Meeting. How do you plan to cover the rest of the costs to attend? Please provide information on additional funding that you could acquire to attend the meeting.
  5. Contact information for the applicant, such as address, e-mail address, or fax number;
  6. Information about whether applicant has attended past AACC meetings
  7. Applicant's CV or resume, including date of birth;
  8. A list of the applicant's professional memberships; and
  9. Two letters of support that address the impact your attendance at the meeting will have on the state of clinical lab medicine in your country and in your institution, AND which must be on organizational letterhead.

Submit applications by December 31 to:

  • Email:;
  • Format: Please make sure the documents are in the sequential order listed directly above (under the "How to Apply" Section). Applications will not be considered unless submitted as a single PDF document

Questions? If you have questions about the International Travel Grant, please contact Membership & Awards Coordinator, April Gascon, at or call (800) 892-1400 ext. 8701 or (202) 835-8701.