Personalized Medicine Division Awards

Personalized Medicine Division Abstract Awards

The Personalized Medicine Division offers three abstract awards, one $500 Outstanding award, one $250 Young Investigator award, and one $250 Postdoc/MT/Student Award. The awards will be announced and presented at the Division meeting at the AACC Annual Meeting.


In order to compete for one of these awards you must be:

  • AACC member
  • Submit an abstract in the field of Personalized Medicine
  • Be the presenting author of the selected abstract; no substitution is allowed
  • Can be non-PMD member to be considered, but must become PMD member in order to receive award
  • For the Young Investigator category, awardee must be 39 years or younger
  • For the Postdoc/MT/Student category, awardee must be in one of the listed positions
  • The PMD reserves the right not to give any award, if it deems the submitted abstract does not meet the standards of the division