2003 Annual Meeting Edutrak

Edutraks from the AACC 2003 Annual Meeting
Tuesday, July 22nd, Philadelphia Convention Center
Presentations are in PDF format. Right click on a link to save to your computer.

Edutrak 3303 - Assessing the Risks Associated with In Vitro Diagnostic Assays

Donald M. Powers, PhD - 349 kb

Risk Assessment Tools for Identifying Hazards and Evaluating Risks Associated with IVD Assays
Robert C. Menson, PhD - 1.63 MB

Managing Risks Associated with In Vitro Diagnostic Devices - 1.3 MB
Donald M. Powers, PhD

Devices & Radiological Health Recall Procedures Overview - 165 kb
Steven Gutman, MD

Edutrak 3308 - Metrological Traceability of In-Vitro Diagnostic Calibrators

Introduction - Emerging Issues - 174 kb
Rick Miller

The Impact of Calibraton Error and Measurement Uncertainty on Medical Decision-Making and Patient Care - 267 kb
Dr G. Klee, MD,PhD

Expectations for compliance with traceability requirements of the EU IVD Directive and associated ISO standards: what is good enough? - 326 kb
Klaus E. Stinshoff

Closing Remarks and Report on the activities of the JCTLM - 68 kb
Rick Miller