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Challenges Bringing on New Assays?
JAN. 12 2018

How do you motivate your technologists to bring on new assays? It seems there is a lot of foot-dragging which results in resistance to change. Frequently, I have to remind lab sections several times about a timeline to implement an assay. What are some good strategies to keep technologists on task without micro-managing?

CKD-EPI eGFR calculation
JAN. 12 2018

My lab's policy is to record a patient's birthdate of 01/01/1900 when the actual birth date is not known (usually for trauma patients). When eGFR is calculated from such patients, it is initially incorrect and subsequently changes when the DOB is corrected to actual. My question for the group is "is there a birth year below which you will not provide an eGFR?" If so, what is that cutoff year (e.g. a patient calculated to be 75 years? 90 years? 100 years? etc). Also, what comment might you attached to eGFR results that are not calculated due to patient age?

Procalcitonin on AU
JAN. 12 2018

Dear Colleagues, does anyone have experience using the recently FDA-cleared Diazyme procalcitonin reagent on the Beckman AU series of instruments? I've been seeing some very interesting validation data and would like to collaborate with others who might have or be considering implementing this reagent. Reply online