Newborn Screening at a Crossroads
What Happens if Congress Waits to Act?
By Bill Malone

In the 50th year of newborn screening, there are a lot of successes to celebrate. All states now screen for some 29 disorders. So why won't Congress reauthorize legislation funding newborn screening programs?

The New Landscape of Endometrial Cancer
How Quickly Will Molecular Discoveries Be Used in Practice?
By Genna Rollins

A landmark study of endometrial cancer recently suggests that adding molecular testing to the standard diagnostic workup for this disease could change the recommended course of treatment for some women.


Vitamin D
Progress Toward Standardization
By James Freeman and Kimberly Wilson

Demand for vitamin D testing has soared, but measuring this steroid hormone accurately presents many challenges for labs. Efforts are now underway to standardize vitamin D assays in order to harmonize results across manufacturers and methods and to improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.


U.S. Health Status Falls Internationally


Getting the Word Out
Five Tips for Creating a Newsletter People Will Read
By Angela Ferguson, PhD, DABCC, FACB, and Shannon Haymond, PhD, DABCC

Communicating with clients, colleagues and staff via newsletters is an important part of many laboratory professionals' jobs today. Here are some tips for creating a newsletter that targets your audience and helps win readers' loyalty.

Clinical Laboratory Analyzer Archive Expanding

AACC's History Division has created a comprehensive digital archive of laboratory instrumentation. Now the group is expanding the archive and seeking input.


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