Click here to find the latest Student Discussion Document for May's Clinical Case Study from Ugur Turk, Gunes Basol, Burcu Barutcuoglu, Fahri Sahin, Sara Habif, Patrizia Tarugi, and Oya Bayindir.

Dr. Basol provided us with three exclusive questions that will not appear in the published version of the Case. We'd love to hear your answers to these questions in the comments section.

  1. Which mechanisms are responsible for hipobetalipoproteinemia? What could be the reason in this case?
  2. What could be the reason of low serum vitamin E and ß-Carotene concentrations in this case?
  3. How could you explain the reason of borderline-low IgG and markedly decreased IgM serum concentrations in this case?

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