AACC exists to proactively meet the needs of its members and to advance the field of laboratory medicine. To these ends, the Association needs a governance structure that provides for robust member involvement and collaboration in the pursuit of goals and objectives. A governance structure that strengthens AACC’s leadership capacity to achieve the association’s strategic priorities is vital to ensuring a strong future for the practice of laboratory medicine. 

AACC engaged in a year-long effort to examine the association’s governance framework. After this intensive process, which involved many AACC members, leaders, staff and consultants, a new governance framework was approved by the Board of Directors in November 2015. 

The new AACC governance structure is driven by the AACC membership and composed of AACC members. Under the new system, all governance bodies will have clear roles and responsibilities, objectives, and well defined reporting relationships. There will be periodic gatherings of all AACC committees and leadership to aid in communication, foster collaboration, and ensure alignment across governance groups. The new governance framework and its processes are also designed to involve an increased number of member volunteers, and to engage a greater diversity of the membership.

View the full Board approved report.

Webinar Replay

AACC members can now listen to the recording of the governance webinar featuring AACC President Dr. Patricia Jones and AACC CEO Janet B. Kreizman.

AACC Governance Structure