Moments from Disaster: Laboratory Preparation and Response

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This is a recorded version of the AACC webinar "Moments from Disaster: Laboratory Preparation and Response" which was originally held April 16, 2014. The actions taken in the initial minutes of an emergency are critical, and when those emergencies affect public health and require healthcare workers to quickly respond, it’s important to have an emergency management plan in place. Unfortunately, U.S. healthcare providers today must be prepared to respond to a variety of crises—recently these have included terrorist attacks, severe weather events, and contaminated water supplies. How can labs prepare for such a wide range of potential emergencies? After listening to this 60-minute webinar with laboratory safety expert Dan Scungio you will understand the impact of three disasters and the consequences to laboratory operations; know what steps are needed to create a comprehensive emergency management plan; and be able to describe the components of a complete emergency management plan and know how to test it.