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15-Crothers-President's Invited Session: Waking Up the General Public to the Importance of Laboratory Tests, Using Effective Story Telling (Including the Story of Caring for Ebola Patients at Emory University)

  • Duration: 24 minutes
  • Date:JUL.27.2015 2:30 PM - 05:00 PM

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One of the greatest challenges in our profession is to be able to quickly and effectively convey the importance of clinical laboratory test results to the general public. Traditional modes of communication have not produced understanding of the value of laboratory medicine at levels needed to garner support from the public, other medical professionals, Congress and policy makers, and insurance companies. Thus, reimbursement for lab tests is often a target for cost-cutting, restricting physicians from ordering the tests they deem medically necessary for their patients. We, as laboratory professionals, must be better-equipped to communicate the value of laboratory medicine with all who will listen. This session presents storytelling as a proven approach to promoting the value of clinical laboratory medicine to a lay audience.