Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing Opportunities and Challenges

  • Duration: 60 mins.

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This is a recorded version of an AACC live webinar that was held February 26, 2015. Recently, the FDA gave 23andMe clearance to market certain genetic carrier tests directly to consumers. This movement toward allowing the company to offer more genetic testing services directly to consumers brings up a number of questions. In the past, FDA ordered 23andMe to cease marketing its Personal Genome Service because it did not feel that the company could adequately demonstrate the test was analytically and clinically valid. Additionally, concerns had been expressed regarding the burden these tests may bring on an already stressed healthcare system due to the majority of test results having limited or no clinical utility and the lack of expert health providers to interpret and advise on DTC genetic reports.

With the regulation of laboratory-developed tests in flux, and consumer interest in genetic testing on the rise, it's unclear what the future holds for DTC genetic testing. Purchase this webinar and understand what's behind the debate and what the future may look like for direct-to-consumer genetic testing.

A Q&A session from the live webinar is also included on the recording.