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The New Clinical Lab Fee Schedule: How Will it Affect Your Lab? - CD

The New Clinical Lab Fee Schedule: How Will it Affect Your Lab? - CD
  • Copyright: 2014
  • Speaker: Charles Root and Peter Kazon

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This is a recorded version of the AACC webinar "The New Clinical Lab Fee Schedule: How Will it Affect Your Lab?" which was originally held May 7, 2014. Medicare's process for setting clinical laboratory reimbursement rates is about to change significantly as a result of a new law signed by President Obama on April 1. Known as the "sustainable growth rate (SGR) patch," the legislation will affect how and what labs are paid by Medicare, establish new reporting requirements and create a new category of testing. When the law goes into effect, lab tests will be reimbursed based on private sector rates rather than past historical fees. This will cut what Medicare pays for many tests?up to ten percent annually beginning in 2017 for some tests and more later, if necessary. The new system also eliminates the annual consumer price index. Medicare will pay higher fees, however, for certain new diagnostic tests. At the conclusion of this 60-minute webinar you will know what challenges and opportunities your lab will face as a result of the new law; how CMS will determine which labs will have to participate in the new reporting requirements; how Medicare will reimburse labs for the new category of "advanced diagnostic laboratory tests"; strategies you can use to prepare your lab for these changes; and how the new Medicare laboratory reimbursement policies and procedures are expected to affect the lab industry as a whole.