Whole Genome Sequencing: What Do Patients Want? What Do Patients Need? - CD

Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Copyright: 2013
  • Speaker: Holly Tabor

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This webcast originally aired as a live webinar co-sponsored by AACC and Seattle Children's Hospital on March 4, 2013. As healthcare providers learn more about how to use the results of whole genome and exome (the portion of the genome that contains protein-coding genes) sequencing in clinical care, questions about how to best use the results clinically and ethically have arisen. On this program, Dr. Holly Tabor describes how exome sequencing (ES)/whole genome sequencing (WGS) is becoming available and used in clinical care and research in the pediatric setting and identifies key ethical challenges in the management of primary and secondary findings from ES/WGS. Dr. Tabor also describes how a self-directed management approach to ES/WGS results may maximize benefits and minimize harms.