Methods in Clinical Chemistry

Methods in Clinical Chemistry
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An accessory work to the 5th edition of Kaplan and Pesce's : Clinical Chemistry: Theory, Analysis, Correlation (Product # 5637)

In the mid-1980s we perceived a need for an extensive, up-to-date, compilation of methods available for use in clinical chemistry laboratories. To meet this need, in 1987 we published Methods in Clinical Chemistry with C.V. Mosby. This volume provided not only a review of extant methodologies, but also a critique of each method. This enabled the authors, when appropriate, to suggest one technique as a 'recommended' method. Since its initial publication, Methods in Clinical Chemistry has been repeatedly updated and made available in electronic form (CD-ROM or Internet) by Pesce Kaplan Publishers.

Like the previous version, this edition is published in parallel with the current edition of our textbook, Clinical Chemistry: Theory, Analysis and Correlation (5th edition; Elsevier, 2010). The editors of this work, Peter Hickman and Gus Koerbin, have assembled an international group of expert clinical chemists from the United States, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. We have retained the scope of previous editions, including:
  • 144 revised method reviews of available technologies for the analysis of each analyte,
  • a critique of each methodology,
  • analytical quality goals (when available),
  • recent references,
  • a suggested procedure for manual methods.

Available in both electronic (CD-ROM) and printed (two volumes) formats, it is our hope that this edition will be widely used and vigorously reviewed by its users. Using new software technology, we provide a mechanism for input from readers for future versions of this edition. An Internet site has been created ( where individuals can publicly post their comments. Eventually, the Editors will redact the suggestions into changes incorporated into Methods in Clinical Chemistry.