Mosby's Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference, Twelfth Edition

Mosby's Diagnostic & Laboratory Test Reference, 12th Edition
  • Copyright:2015
  • Edition: 12th
  • ISBN:9780323225762
  • Pages:1088

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New to This Edition

  • UPDATED coverage reflects current research relating to accuracy of testing, diagnostic values of results, and the patient care and education associated with each test.
  • 14 NEW test entries present the latest tests and procedures with an emphasis on new, more affordable (and thus more common) genetic tests.

Key Features

  • Alphabetically organized tests offer quick reference with A-to-Z thumb tabs, so you'll never have to search for a test by having to first determine its correct category or body system.

  • UNIQUE! Each test entry begins on a new page, making tests easy to find.

  • Use's Guide to Test Preparation and Performance provides an overview and guidelines for each type of laboratory test and diagnostic procedure, so you can minimize worry about having to repeat a test due to an error.

  • Normal findings for adult (male and female), elderly, and pediatric patients are included where applicable.

  • Increased and decreased abnormal findings are highlighted with directional arrows.

  • Possible critical values are highlighted to alert you to situations requiring immediate intervention.

  • Patient care sections provide step-by-step instructions for care before, during, and after the test.

  • Symbol next to drug-related interfering factors alerts you to the effects of pharmacologic agents on tests.

  • Lists of tests by body system and test type make it easy to cross-reference related studies.

  • Abbreviations for tests are listed in the front and the back of the book, and symbols and units of measurement are listed in an appendix.

  • A durable cover with round edges helps prevent the book from being damaged and makes it easier to handle