Immunology, 2nd Edition

Immunology, 2nd Edition
  • Copyright:2009
  • Edition: 2nd
  • ISBN:9781904842569
  • Pages:382

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This second edition of Immunology provides readers with the basic concepts of immunology and relates these to the practical applications within medicine and biology. It is therefore an ideal first textbook for students studying biomedical science courses or postgraduate students new to the subject. The entire book has been comprehensively updated and features significantly expanded coverage of, for example:

  • antigen acquisition and presentation
  • regulation of acquired immune responses
  • transplantation and tumour immunology

Throughout every chapter the authors have also provided extensive coverage of the applications of immunology to diagnostics in particular. The inclusion of a glossary in this new edition is designed to improve understanding and help students overcome their inherent fear of the complex field of immunology. In addition, this latest edition features two new appendices covering selected cytokines and their functions, and selected CD antigens and their expression, reference material that all those who work in the field will find invaluable.