Statistical Rules of Thumb, 2nd Edition

Statistical Rules of Thumb
  • Copyright:2009
  • Edition: 2nd
  • ISBN:9780470144480
  • Pages:272

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Statistical Rules of Thumb, Second Edition compiles simple rules that are widely applicable, robust, and elegant, and each captures key statistical concepts. This handbook provides a framework for considering statistical questions such as sample size and design of experiments. Explaining the justification for each rule, this book conveys the various possibilities that statisticians must think of when designing and conducting a study or analyzing its data. It provides a framework for considering such aspects of statistical work such as: randomness and statistical models; sample size; covariation; epidemiology; environmental studies; designing, conducting, and analyzing studies; words, tables, and graphs; and consulting. New rules of thumb are included such as:

  • Sample size for ratios of means Very non-significant P-values are very significant Dichotomize continuous variables for odds ratio analysis; and Correlations need to be substantial to gain advantage in ANCOVA.

Some rules have been revised for the new edition, i.e. sample size for relative risk and sample size for percentage change. In addition, the references have been completed updated and expanded.

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