Bioinformatics: Methods Express

  • Copyright:2007
  • ISBN:9781904842163
  • Pages:294

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Bioinformatics: Methods Express is unique. It is a book on bioinformatics that makes sense to non-bioinformaticians.

Bioinformatics: Methods Express helps you answer common questions such as:

  • What else is similar to my gene?
  • Does this protein have any transmembrane regions?
  • How do I visualize an alignment between these DNAs?
  • Where can I find specific transcription factor sequences?
The book provides the clear advice and explicit protocols that non-bioinformaticians need in order to understand what to do --- and how to avoid common pitfalls. Each chapter guides you through the major databases and tools with worked examples --- all accompanied by sample data files available online.

Topics covered include:

  • data access
  • sequence searches and alignments
  • identification and annotation of features
  • the transcriptome
  • protein structure and function
  • comparisons and phylogeny
Bioinformatics: Methods Express is a comprehensive manual for all wet-bench scientists who need to use bioinformatics --- from postgraduate student to principal investigator. contains comprehensive datasets that allow the reader to practice the techniques described in the book.