(Preliminary: Speaker and topics subject to change.)

Thursday, October 5

7:00 AM - Start of Conference

Exhibit Hall - Breakfast (Included)

Introductory Remark
Program Chair Victoria Zhang, PhD - Welcome
2017 AACC President Michael Bennett, PhD - AACC overview
2017 College of American Pathologists President Richard Friedberg, MD - CAP/Pathology overview
Mass Spectrometry and Separation Sciences Division Chair Victoria Zhang, PhD - Updates

Session I - Metabolomics
Keynote: Newborn Screening & Metabolomics - Michael Bennett, PhD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Session II - Toxicology and Clinical Practices
Plenary: Chasing Designer Drugs & Chemical Agents - Robert Middleburg, PhD, NMS Labs

Exhibit Hall - Lunch and Vendor Supported Presentation (Included)

Session III – Lessons From Other –Omics to Clinical Practices
Plenary: Lessons From Genomics That can be Applied in Proteomics Testing - John Pfeifer, MD, Washington University

Session IV - The Current Generation Leading Next Generation Scientists
Plenary: Pharmacodynamics - Leslie Shaw, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Session V - Next Generation Presentations

Exhibit Hall - Networking Reception (Included)

*A Morning and Afternoon Coffee Break will be served in the Exhibit Hall.


Exhibit Hall - Breakfast (Included)

Exhibit Hall - Vendor Perspectives Presentations & Workshops

Session VI - New Developments in Clinical Practices
Keynote: Phenotyping for Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine - Nigel Clarke, MD, Quest Diagnostics

Session VII - Take us to the Moon
Keynote: Cancer Moonshot & Roles of Clinical Chemists - Henry Rodriguez, PhD, National Cancer Institute

*A Morning Coffee Break will be served in the Exhibit Hall.

CLOSING REMARKS - Victoria Zhang, PhD, University of Rochester Medical Center

1:30PM - End of Conference