In a case reviewed by a state board of medicine, a woman of retirement age complained of "cramping from her knees to her hips" of several years duration. On physical examination, the patient had apparent weakness in her left arm with her right arm folded across her abdomen. However there was no weakness in the left arm if the patient's right arm was at her side. After placing an unknown quantity of thyroid hormone under patient's tongue, the clinician noted that the weakness resolved.

The diagnosis of hypothyroidism was made by the clinician. No formal thyroid function tests were obtained. However the following tests were ordered: HLB Live Blood Test, a LBA Part II Live Blood Test, and a urinary Indican Test.


What is a HLB Live Blood Test?

What is a LBA Part II Live Blood Test?

What is a urinary Indican Test?

Is this appropriate evaluation for suspected hypothyroidism?