Health & Science Policy

Latest AACC Position Statements

Pediatric Lab Results: The Need for "Normal"

AACC supports the creation of a national repository to collect and store pediatric samples from healthy children that can be used to develop more precise age, developmental, ethnic, and gender-specific reference intervals. The repository should also maintain a comprehensive database of existing pediatric reference intervals and make them readily accessible by healthcare providers and patients.

Modernization of CLIA

In response to calls for the Food and Drug Administration to regulate laboratory-developed tests, AACC strongly recommends that the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) remain the primary mechanism for overseeing these tests.

Direct-to-Consumer Laboratory Testing

DTC laboratory testing is a key element of ongoing efforts to increase individuals’ engagement in managing their healthcare, and it is critical that DTC test results are accurate and well understood. Laboratory professionals play a vital role in this process.

Advancing Personalized/Precision Medicine

Laboratory medicine is key to enabling the practice of precision medicine. Policymakers and payers should adopt policies that ensure access to and appropriate reimbursement for laboratory testing that will facilitate personalized therapeutic decisions.

Oversight of Laboratory Developed Tests

Laboratory Developed Tests provide timely, accurate, quality testing for many conditions for which no commercial test exists or when an existing test does not meet current clinical needs. The regulation of LDTs should remain under CLIA’88 and its deemed accreditation bodies, except for certain high risk tests that should be subject to both FDA and CMS oversight.